Formulate Haircare

Formulate Haircare – Spring Hair Care Solution!

I received this product (Formulate Hair Care) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are exclusively my own, while still being honest and candid. Not going to be honest for a review? Sounds pretty pointless to me.

Back in November, I tried out Formulate’s custom hair care formulas for the first time and really loved that I was able to change up what I needed in my hair care when I wanted, and even change the scent of my formula as well. So, naturally, since spring and summer are on the horizon, it was time to change up my formula and try out a new scent! Hooray!

With winter pretty much deep frying my hair, I knew that it was time to switch it up and bring some more moisture into my hair. The cool thing about Formulate is that you are totally in control of these sorts of things and can adjust as you need with the seasons! My hair tends to get dry and (more) frizzy with the colder weather, so I definitely needed to get as much moisture as I could into my locks.

I touched on all the basics of Formulate hair care back in my original post, but for a refresher, Formulate is a company that will make you your own blend of conditioner and shampoo based on your own personal hair needs. You customize everything down to the scent! Then, Formulate blends up two personalized formulas just for you and ships them right to your door. Easier than hunting for shampoo and conditioner at the store that might not cover all your needs!

Back in the fall, I used the Green Tea based scent “Green with Envy” and I HIGHLY recommend you give it a shot! It’s the freshest scent, really great for when you first wake up, and the scent stays with you, but not in a super overpowering way. I have never gotten so many compliments on how my hair smells (it almost wafts like a very light perfume!) and seriously, its delicious.

For spring, I decided to try out the “Freshly Squeezed” scent to brighten things up for the upcoming warmer months, and I am in love! It smells so fresh and bright, and isn’t too strong. It really is perfect for the warmer months that are coming, but is really different from the scents that I’ve gotten in hair care from the grocery store.

As I said in my fall review, I still love the cute geometric packaging and how easy the entire process is to get some really nice and personal hair care.

Have you ever tried a personalized hair care service? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Click here to try out Formulate for yourself!


March Doki Doki Crate

March Doki Doki Crate – Unboxed

It’s always a good day when I get mail, but I am super excited that my March Doki Doki Crate has finally arrived! Every month it’s always so fun to unpack my little crate and see what they chose to send out this month! Every month has an adorable theme, and this month’s crate was VERY unicorn esque. I will never tire of the unicorn trend, like, ever. Not sorry about it.

Each month comes packed in a super cute hot pink box, with lots of goodies and a tiny little magazine inside. Each month is $35, including all the shipping and handling for the crate and you get tons of goodies straight from Japan to your doorstep. Score!

I’m debating about trying a new kawaii/cute/Japan type crate each month just to see what the differences are between each box. I want to seriously find the best one that’s out there! If this is something you’d like me to try out, let me know in the comments below.

Let’s get the March Doki Doki crate unboxed!

The first thing that I pulled out of this month’s crate was the cutest little zippered case with My Melody on it! This is going to be perfect for stashing tons of bobby pins and hair clips in for when I’m at conventions, and some phone cords the rest of the time!

This month also came with the softest little unicorn plush! Seriously, its the cutest and I love all the little details, like the blush and the pearls. Like I said, I’m not getting tired of the unicorn trend anytime soon, and I really love the addition that this little guy brings to my desk. So. Cute.

As someone with thick curls, I don’t really ever use hairbrushes, but this little brush will be perfect in my bag for conventions for brushing out wigs and keeping the tangles at bay! It even has a little charm that dangles off the side, seriously, the sweetest.

I found this item to be a little on the confusing side, as its labeled as a hook for a stroller, but I’m sure that I will be able to find about a thousand uses for this little hook! I love My Melody, so I hope I can find a spot for this where everyone can see how cute it really is!

The last item that I received this month are these tiny little nail clippers! I really love getting functional items because I’d rather get useful things, so this is awesome! I’m going to keep these in my bag, because who knows when you’d need them. Plus, they really are super cute! Win!

Do you have any subscription boxes you can’t live without? I’m looking for new boxes to try out, so share in the comments below! Extra points if they’re cutesy!