Formulate Haircare

Formulate Custom Haircare – Does It Work?

A big, big, big thank you to Formulate for sending this custom haircare my way to test and review. All opinions are exclusively my own. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win some Formulate custom haircare for yourself!

Thanks to the internet, you can now get just about anything customized, and hair care is no exception! My hair can be on the finicky side (curls, curls, and more curls) so having customized options out there is a serious win. I was contacted by Formulate to test their new system of custom haircare, and also, offer a giveaway! Don’t forget to enter to win your own set of customized haircare to try things out for yourself. It is seriously SO fun.

Formulate Haircare – The Customization Process

In order to get your haircare to you, you need to let Formulate know what your hair concerns are, and your specific needs. When visiting their site, you enter alll your hair concerns in. My profile looks a little like this;

Formulate haircare profile

Formulate haircare profile

This is where the fun kicks in! You get to pick everything you want, what you need, and then little extras, like the scent of your products! My formula has green tea and honey scent, and it is SO good. I get so many compliments on how good it smells, and the scent stays with you all day. If you’re not into scents, or like a lighter scent, they even offer to let you customize the intensity of the scent. There are so many scents to choose from, so you’ll find something you like no matter what your taste is. Once you’ve completed your profile, your blend is complete and on the way to you!

Formulate Haircare – The Review

Formulate haircare

The packaging; SO CUTE. Everything comes in gorgeous geometric bottles, sealed for shipping. Once they arrive, each bottle comes with a pump to swap out for the cap. They look unique, pretty, and modern. Definitely not something that I have seen from a lot of other brands recently.

Once I received my products in the mail, it was time to get to testing! I had previously been using the DevaCurl system, so there was high standards to live up to.

First thing I immediately noticed, was the scent. Oh my goodness. I have never had shampoo and conditioner smell so delicious. The scent is refreshing, bright, and so GOOD. I want candles and lotions and everything in this scent if I could. It’s just THAT good. My scent is Green Tea and Honey, and trust me, it’s a winner.

The formula is thinner than other shampoos and conditioners I have used, but that isn’t really a bad thing. Per the instructions I received with my products, I used 5 pumps of each product. I co-wash my hair, so I do not use shampoo daily (too much for my curls!) but did use the conditioner once if not twice a day.

The conditioner absorbs quickly, and I didn’t feel that “residue” that I sometimes felt after using other conditioners. It also made my hair easier to brush through, and it felt softer after using it.

Formulate Haircare – The Results & Final Opinions

Trying out customized haircare is TOTALLY worth it! For me, it has helped me to get more curl definition, and better moisture into my hair! With finicky, dry, and unmanageable hair, it has seriously helped to keep my hair looking good, especially now that we are headed into the dry and cold months. I will need ALLLL of that coming my way, because this is when my hair is usually at its frizziest and craziest!

Overall, I definitely recommend Formulate! Treat yourself and try out some custom haircare, see what it can do for you!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win your own custom hair care! 

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Week Two of Keto - Diet Update

Week Two of Keto – Diet Updates & Weight Loss

Week two of keto is in the books! Time to celebrate because I’m actually full on falling in love with this diet. How? Why? I honestly have no clue.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you chose to purchase an item linked below, I may be compensated at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your love and support as always! 

I started keto two weeks ago because I knew that I needed a change in my life, and it was about time. I cheated all my prior diets, and I knew that it was time to get strict and make a change. If I didn’t I’d continue to feel sorry for myself, and that was getting me nowhere fast. Keto had been floating around my mind for a while, but I was honestly scared to start. It seemed extreme, difficult, and honestly, I thought it would be impossible for me. But then I tried it, and woah.

If you want to read up on my first week of keto, click here to read up on how my first week went!

Week Two of Keto – The “Keto Flu”

Week two of keto started out on the rocky side. I had been feeling great the entire time for the most part, and didn’t get the “keto flu” as bad as I expected. Then, Sunday night hit. I felt weak, shaky, and could feel my pulse all over my body. It was honestly on the scary side, and I took to google to see if what I was feeling was common. What would I do without google? No idea.

It turns out that my electrolytes levels had dropped and that was the cause of my discomfort. I had been drinking a ton of Powerade Zero (addicted to the stuff!) but hadn’t been watching my potassium levels. When I checked my macros in the MyFitnessPal app, it was pretty much at zero. Oops.

It turns out there is an easy and quick fix, which is adding a salt substitute similar to this one to help to boost those electrolytes back up to where they need to be. I felt almost instantly better after putting a serving into my Powerade. Since then, there has been relatively no bumps in the road. Score!

Week Two of Keto – What am I Eating Anyways?

I have totally settled into a routine with my diet now. I don’t crave carbs like I have in the past. Plus, I’m really loving how easy my routine has gotten over the last two weeks!

Breakfast: Every morning I wake up and cook myself a fresh breakfast. I scramble a couple eggs, make some bacon, and have one large glass of water to start the day. It’s a refreshing way to get my day started on a good foot. I also like to drink a powerade zero with some potassium tossed in to keep my electrolytes in the green!

Lunch: Big salad! I love to make a big salad with spring greens, ranch dressing, baked chicken, red onion and celery! Again, drinking more water to make sure I’m hydrated and feeling good! Its a super simple lunch that you can toss together the night before work or class and keep in the fridge, then grab when you’re ready to head out.

Dinner: Dinner is a mystery most days! Sometimes I cook a burger with cheese, bacon, and then make a side of broccoli. Sometimes, its just some chicken and veggies. I have more time to cook at night so I like to spend time to make something yummy!

Keto Week Two – So, Have I Lost Any Weight?

Yep! I’m officially down 8 pounds, just about to the 10 pound mark in just two weeks! Pretty worth it if you ask me!

Have you tried the keto diet out? Good results? Let me know what’s working for you in the comment section!