Ita Bag How To – How I Built My Bags and You Can To!

If you’ve been to a convention ever, you’re very likely to have bumped into at least one person toting around an ita bag. Everyones bag looks different; some people like them to look nice and neat (me me me!) and some people just want to smash as much as they can inside, and that’s okay too! Part of the fun of ita bags is finding out how you want to decorate and design yours.

If you’ve made your way here and are wondering “what is an ita bag?”, an ita bag is a bag with a window which allows you to display pins and other things through the window. They’re an awesome way to make a collection wearable or make your bags much more your own! Ita bags can range from really cheap and to more pricey, but if you have an interest, you can make it into an ita bag!

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So.. Where can I buy an Ita Bag?

Everywhere. I see them everywhere, all the time.

I digress. The best place to purchase ita bags is online! I usually pick mine up on amazon just because I find it to be the easiest and who doesn’t love the prime shipping options. !

If you’re headed to a convention here soon, it’s pretty likely that there may also be vendors who sell just ita bags. They really are on the rise in popularity, so be sure to keep an eye out for some really unique ones! Plus, if you want a specific color or design that you weren’t seeing online, this might be one of the best chances that you might find exactly what you are looking for.

Take your time to find the perfect bag for you! I like mine to either be crossbody or a backpack and it seems like I spent forever picking mine out because I wanted something that was pastel and perfect for me. Then, I have another bag that I needed to match a cosplay I wore back in the spring at Ohayocon.

So here are my favorite ita bags..

All of that bags that I own (and loved) were purchased on Amazon! It’s really hard to beat two day shipping, and plus, those returns are free if the item is on prime if you don’t end up loving it as much as you thought you would (definitely happens.).

The first ever ita bag that I bought was for my Evangelion cosplay of Asuka! If you know me, you know that the series is so near and dear to me, so I needed a bag to carry my things that also went perfectly with my cosplay!

She doesn’t really carry any bags in the series other than school bags, so I needed to dream up a way to make my bag unique and perfect to go with my cosplay.

I needed something cute but also something that I could deck out with my Eva goodies. There isn’s as much merch for Asuka and Unit 02, so I decided that a black bag might work best, much better than a red bag. So the search began. And it seems like it took me ages to decide and pick the bag that would be perfect for me!

I chose this ita bag from Steamedbun, which is available on Amazon. It has plenty of room for me to tote my things at a con (my con bag packing list is coming soon!) and has held up to the abuse that I put my bags through.

Steamedbun is probably my favorite ita bag brand and I’ve consistently had good luck with their bags and the quality. They have toooons of options when it comes to shopping on amazon, so take a look!

I also am in love with my ita bag that I carry daily! I am usually wearing something pink or pastel, so this bag tends to go well with it all.

My pink ita bag can also be purchased on amazon! Again, this one is from Steamedbun.

While this one doesn’t have nearly as much space, it really is a great little everyday bag for my keys, wallet, and my phone. Plus, it’s an awesome way to display my favorite pins from Kittynaut and Glitteracy.

So, that brings us to the next important topic: how do you dress up your ita bag to be absolutely perfect? I have a ton of little tips and tricks so that your first bag is everything that you’ve ever wanted.

Ita Bag 101 – The Decor

Here is where your imagination can run completely wild! Ita bags are meant to be a way for you to express yourself. Display your favorite pins, tiny plush, and more! Really, the opportunities are endless here.

When you purchase an ita bag, it usually will come with a small insert that you can stick all of your little trinkets on. While you might be tempted to jump in and start pinning away, take a moment to think it through. Many inserts won’t look very nice with tons of holes punched in them from incessant pinning, so take your time to design the perfect layout.

One of my best suggestions that I can make for someone starting on their first ita bag is to NOT stick their pins through the provided insert. Take a little trip to the craft store and grab a few pieces of felt in some cute colors, and tada! Some new inserts for your ita bag and for very cheap. Felt can recover from the stabs from pins and it makes it easy to have several inserts ready at all times, so you can switch the pins and decor out when you want something new, but don’t want to totally redesign the bag.

Don’t limit yourself to just sticking pins in your bag either! You can stick pretty much anything you like in the pocket for the insert, and you can stabilize things a little better with some adhesive velcro, if you like all your things to stay put in a specific spot. I’ve done this before and the velcro usually comes off pretty easily.

That being said, you don’t need to just decorate within the window of your ita bag! I like to decorate with keychains on the outside, especially on the zipper pulls! My everyday bag has three keychains and my Evangelion bag has one big poofy keychain. You really can personalize any portion of it, seriously.

Do you like ita bags, or carry one yourself? Whats your best tips for making your ita bag just right? Let me know down in the comments below!

Cosplay Mistakes – So You Want To Be A Cosplayer

I’m super excited because I am finally diving in and starting a new little series that I have wanted to start for AGES. After about a year and a half of cosplaying, I wanted to share all my little tricks I’ve learned in a series thats all about beginner cosplayers! I am just leaving that portion of my journey, so I wanted to start with some interesting tidbits – some of my cosplay mistakes that I’ve made. Because we know that there have been many along the way. No shame.

Cosplay Mistake #1 – Not Drinking Enough Water

This one might seem really stupid, but seriously, so many people fall prey to dehydration at conventions. You’re running all over, shopping, and hydrating can be something that falls by the wayside. Plus, cosplay usually isn’t the most breathable of things to wear, and you sweat (a lot). This can lead to some nasty, nasty stuff.

At my last convention, I pretty much ignored that I needed to drink water and eat regularly, because I was so busy with my cosplay and making everything perfect, that one day I developed a nasty headache, was on the dizzy side, and that knocked me out for a good portion of the rest of the day.

Believe it or not, I was still better off than the people who chose to smash alcohol or exclusively drank soda the entire weekend. They were in for a real treat.

The solution is really simple..

That being said, invest in a good water bottle and fill it up regularly at water fountains. Water bottles at conventions are notoriously expensive (I once paid $5 for ONE) and making sure you have a reusable one can save you some money. A lot of money.

If water is too plain, bring some flavor packets and mix them in. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and with hydration, you don’t want to play around. Just drink water. It’s easy to forget but you need to make sure that you’re making it a priority.

Cosplay Mistake # 2 – Not Taking Breaks

You’ve paid for your badges, the hotel, the gas to get to the convention, and now you’re finally there. You don’t want to waste any time just relaxing, so it’s time to run nonstop for days until you’re nearly dead, right? Nah. Let’s not.

Similar to not drinking enough water, not taking breaks is another surefire way to end a day early due to pure exhaustion. I walked around 20k steps during my last multi-day con, and if I didn’t stop to ever take a breather, I probably would’ve ended up sick. When you’re around that many people for an extended period of time, rooming with others, and that tired, you might be a little more likely to fall ill. Which is why breaks are SO IMPORTANT.

Find a couch, head back to your hotel room, or take a break to have an actual meal. Have some water (I’ll beat this point to death) and take a breather. Organize your things, take your purchases back to your room to drop off, and enjoy a break. For many of us, conventions are vacations, so remember that you’re allowed to relax. Seriously. One of the easier cosplay mistakes to patch up.

Cosplay Mistake #3 – Paying insane amounts for your cosplay

Cosplay really isn’t a cheap hobby to have. Between props, wigs, makeup, and the cost of attending the convention itself, costs can really stack up. That being said, there are definite ways to cut the cost down and help you to save some extra money at your next convention.

Personally, I have never spent more than $100 on a cosplay itself. While it might not seem likely, you can get a ton of good and affordable cosplay from both Amazon and AliExpress. I tend to order much more from AliExpress, because I’ve never really had any problems ordering from them. You do need to be careful when you order though, and be sure to check all the size charts as well as any reviews on the shops previous purchases.

Gorgeous, super high quality cosplay, less than $100! Wig was around $20 <3

One of my very recent cosplays was Cardcaptor Sakura, and that cosplay was so affordable! I ordered this cosplay from Amazon, and the wig was from Amazon as well. Both were incredible and so high quality, and I will definitely be wearing them again. For both, the price came to right around $100. I got a ton of compliments on my cosplay, so I completely and totally recommend picking yours up from those links!

Don’t be afraid to explore a little and see what is out there. One of the huge positives of ordering your cosplay online through AliExpress is many shops offer cosplays in “One Size”. In most cases, this means your cosplay will be custom made to your dimensions and will fit like a glove. Usually the cosplays from these shops really are very affordable, with my cheapest custom cosplay clocking in at just $13.

I’m sure that there will be more cosplay mistakes to come, but these were some of my biggest I made in my first year of cosplaying. I’ll be adding posts to this series weekly and I can’t wait to see where this series takes me!

Happy Friday!