Does at Home Teeth Whitening Actually Work? My Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway

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The first thing that I notice about a person is their smile. I think that this is pretty common for other people too; a brilliant smile really can make all the difference in your appearance. So, naturally, when Smile Brilliant reached out to work together, I was super pumped.

Most people seem to want to whiten their teeth because they love coffee, wine, or tea. For me, I had a totally different reason. I wear lipstick just about every day, and when you wear lipstick, EVERYONE looks at your teeth. Some shades even make your teeth look more yellow. Obviously having less than white teeth limits my shade range that I can play with.

I really have shied away from those shades, because, before my Smile Brilliant treatments, I had pretty average, yellowish shade teeth. Nothing horrible, but not as bright as they could be. I always wanted to try to branch out and be the person who wears a red lip, but it always made me self-conscious.

The options for whitening from my dentist were way out of my price range. I’m currently a student, so income can be limited at times while I only work part time. That being said, a treatment through my dentist went on the back burner, as it could cost an entire paycheck for me or more.

The really cool thing about Smile Brilliant is that it is so much more affordable than the options that I get through my dentist, with the same awesome results. I can whiten at my own pace, and still see amazing changes in my smile. So, without further ado, here is my total review on the Smile Brilliant whitening system.

Making my Smile Brilliant Trays

When you first receive your package in the mail, you get all of your whitening and desensitizer gels, and also, a kit to make your impressions so you can get your trays made! One really cool thing about the Smile Brilliant system is that you get to have custom fit dental trays made, by using easy to make impression materials at home.

This is one thing that totally made me nervous.

I grew up with braces, and really detested the idea of impressions. They made me choke, and left me with this feeling of panic, because at times, they can make you feel like you aren’t able to breathe.

However, these impressions were SO MUCH EASIER! You mix two putties together, shape the putty, and put it into the tray. Press into your top and bottom teeth, wait three minutes, and tada! Your impressions are good to go! You drop them in the prepaid envelope and drop them in the mail. Super simple and easy!

One little bit of advice while doing your impressions is to keep some paper towels nearby. For me, I was a total mess because sitting with a tray in your mouth tends to make you drool like a total baby. Other than that, it was really simple!

The Smile Brilliant Whitening System

After around a week, my trays were back! Once your trays come back, that’s when the real whitening experience can begin!

Each treatment can last from 45 minutes to three hours, depending on your level of sensitivity. For my first day, I started with an hour’s worth of whitening. I didn’t experience too much sensitivity, but there was a little bit of a sting. You are lifting away years worth of stains, so it’s expected!

A trick you can use is to coat your gums with coconut oil to protect them from the gel. After your treatment, you do get to use a desensitizing gel that helps to calm your gums. It feels great even if your sensitivity levels were on the low side.

I saw differences in my smile after the first treatment, and every treatment since has been a total treat. It’s so much fun to get to see how your smile changes every day! My friends and family have been amazed at how much my smile has brightened up over the past few weeks. Getting compliments on my smile has been amazing too!

If you’re interested in trying Smile Brilliant, you should enter my giveaway and try it out yourself! You can enter here to win $149 in credit to Smile Brilliant and get your bright smile on! They are also offering a coupon code for my readers, worth 15% off! To redeem, enter code “emilyswins15” at checkout for a sweet deal!

I want to extend a gigantic thank you to the team over at Smile Brilliant for reaching out and working with me on this project! I have had so much fun and seriously, I love my new smile! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all!

As always, have a happy Monday and an amazing week!



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  1. What a great and easy product to use. I love when it really works.

    1. Me too! I have been LOVING my results with Smile Brilliant!

  2. OOH I haven’t tried this brand but I do love at home whitening! Will have to check it out!

    1. Yes Christie! This set makes it SO easy! I love your blog and style by the way!

  3. This looks like a really great product. I’m always looking for whitening kit that is quick and easy to do.

    1. It really is an easy way to bright up your smile!

  4. I’ve always wondered if at home treatments worked for teeth whitening. I’m always disheartened to hear that nothing will touch my teeth though. Maybe I’ll have to try this!

    1. I have had really great results with my own teeth, I think you should go for it!

  5. Ohhh Im mid trying this. I hope mine comes out as well as yours . I noticed a difference the first few applications and hope it continues

    1. I hope your experience is as awesome as mine!

  6. Geraline Batarra

    First of all thank you for this great product for our teeth. This is surely will help us get that shiny, white teeth where dreaming of.

    1. Totally! Thanks for commenting Geraline!

  7. Bright smile is one of the key thing I look at when I meet someone. Great review and cant wait to try it on myself. I hope the result is good and take away the yellow stain from my teeth.

    1. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

  8. Amazing review and very informative too. This is such a great product to keep that glowing fresh white teeth.

    1. Yes! A bright smile is everything!

  9. I have always been hesitant when it comes to products that claim to get your teeth whiter at home. I’m glad to read that this product has worked for you, but does it work on sensitive teeth as well? That’s my biggest worry, as my teeth are so sensitive.

    1. It does! They even have a sensitive kit for people who are concerned about sensitivity! As always, it’s best to consult your doctor to make sure you whiten safely in the case of your sensitivity (:

  10. Oh I remember doing those clay impressions when getting braces. Ugh, they were the worst. Good to know these are much better!

    1. I HATED THEM! These are so much easier to deal with!

  11. Wow, I can really see the results! Been wanting to try this as I have heard lots of positive feedback about the product… hope I win in the giveaway! 🙂

    1. Its amazing! I hope you win too!

  12. I’ve personally never found success in them, that being said, I don’t use them properly, hahahah! I use them for like 3 days and then get sick of it. That being said, my teeth are luckily very white naturally so I don’t really have to fuss with this kind of stuff!

    1. This makes it so easy to get results!

  13. I never knew that certain shades of lipstick make your teeth more yellow! Love the results. Your teeth are so white!

    1. yes! All the attention on lipstick brings the eyes to your teeth!

  14. This is defo something I am tempted by, sounds like a great product, will be checking it out, thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel!

  15. This is such a great system! Worked in the dental field for 12 years and I would recommend this to anyone that wants to whiten their teeth, unless you have some underline medical cause for your yellowish teeth (curtain medications, childhood trauma to your teeth, thinning enamel….)

    1. Thanks Leah! Always, if you have conditions, you should check with your doctor!

  16. I have been wanting to try this whitening system for a while now! I normally just stick to Crest Whitestrips, but have heard fantastic things about this brand!

    1. Yes! You should enter my giveaway Clair!

  17. I’ve never tried at home whitening but I have friends that use it. They’ve had great results.

    1. My results have been incredible!

  18. It seems that this product works really well! I’d love to have such a nice and bright smile like you. Thank you for your review and I just can’t wait to try this product soon! 🙂

  19. This looks like a great product. This is what I needed. I would love to try this one.

  20. Wow, I can actually see a visible difference in your before and after. Awesome!

  21. You can see a difference in the end results so it looks like this was a great success. It’s not something I have tried before.

  22. Trust me I have always been so skeptical about these whitening products and have tried too but didn’t work. This product seems promising and will give a try.

  23. Huge coincidence because I was just thinking about teeth whitening! Now I know what brand to use that’ll give me results!

  24. This is totally interesting! I’ve never used an at-home system, but my toothpaste has whitening, like most toothpastes in the US. It looks like it works well, and I can feel your excitement about it all. I’ve learned something new, and maybe I’ll give it a try.

  25. I can see an improvement from the first use as well! I have a friend who tried this and said that it really worked for her as well. I’m going to have to try it one day.

  26. That really looks like it worked super great on you! Maybe that’s the next whitener for me to try!

  27. I tried this system before and loved the results. It’s so nice to be able to whiten at home.


  28. Christina Pilat

    This seems like such a great experience! I tried to whiten my teeth for my wedding a few months ago and it hurt my teeth so much! I’ve been kind of afraid to go back to it ever since.

  29. I have always been curious if they are really effective. Thank you for this great review. Will try it soon.

  30. I love coffee. And red wine. My teeth, unfortunately, do not love those things as much as I do. I’ve been researching different whitening products lately and this sounds amazing!

  31. Thanks for this review. I’ve always wondered about these!

  32. This makeswhitening teethso easy!! I am glad you loved it, and not sure why you didn’t take a picture of youdrooling! Haha

  33. Wow, it looks like the kits have gotten to be a lot easier than they use to be. And you can see a really big difference in the color of your teeth. Great review!

  34. I haven’t tried teeth whitening products like these before, but am always seeing it in the news or on social media! Your results are great!

  35. I used Smile Brilliant last year – I was so impressed with my results!

  36. You raised a key point – what works and what’s only a little effective. Very useful review.

  37. I wanted to try this teeth whitening system but I wasn’t sure that was going to work, I was fearing it would be too complicated of a process. But reading our review I might give it a try! Thank you!

  38. I have heard a lot about this product on the blogosphere. Sounds like it works. Will have to check it out.


  39. Oh this sounds so good! I have whitening trays from my dentist but how convenient would it’ve been to do this myself? I love how far things have come. I’ll be passing this on to my friends looking to whiten their teeth.

  40. Great to see some results. I’m all for at-home products

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