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As of late, it seems that the idea of self care has become a hot topic. I personally hear just about everyone talking about self care, how it makes them feel, and how important it is to them. But, what exactly is self care? Is it just bubble baths, fancy face masks, and painted nails, or could it be more? For Mental Health Monday, were gonna chat some Self Care 101.

Self Care 101 – So, What Even Is Self Care?

Self care is a routine or action that helps you to take care of you, makes you feel good, and may even alleviate some of the symptoms of mental health issues, like anxiety or depression. Other than that, the definition of self care is incredibly vast; it means something different to just about anyone you talk to. For me personally, I like to soak in a bath or spend some time outside with a book. For some people, it might be taking a nap, or going for a run. You can personalize it as much as you want, to help it best serve you.

The one major misconception is that I had for years was that taking the time for me and what I needed was selfish. Why take the time to rest or do something fun when I had so much work hanging over my head for school? In all reality, the quality of my work was much improved after I had time to recharge and get back on track. The constant work can seriously wear on you if you aren’t careful. Add in anxiety or depression (way more common than you think!) and it can be a recipe for disaster.

Self Care 101 – How to Implement Self Care in Everyday Life

One major misconception that surrounds the idea of self care is that it’s simply taking a bath or using a face mask. While both are lovely ways for some to relax and indulge in self care (myself included!) there are literally thousands of ways to get it in on the daily basis.

For some people, it can be as simple as making sure they get enough water in during the day. They feel better when they’re hydrated (who doesn’t?) so keeping a water bottle near by is a good way for them to practice self care. For you, it might be going for a walk or listening to music. It’s unique to every single person.

If you’re looking to find a good routine for self care, I would suggest starting with the things that make you feel happiest. I like to relax with different skin care and such, but I’m really into makeup so the correlation is there. Hobbies can be a great way to practice self care!

While it seems overly repetitive, only you knows whats best! Finding a new routine is half of the fun though!

What do you do to practice self care? What makes you feel better when stuff gets stressful? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. I try searching on existing happiness that I have forgotten when I am low. I instantly feel grateful.
    Great topic for self care. Love your wise words.

  2. A few things that I do for my weekly self-care routine is that I slap on a mask, play relaxing music and relax for thirty minutes or more. That thirty minutes helps out a lot.

  3. Thank you for reminding us to love ourselves. I totally agree that it is not selfish. In fact, it is the most basic thing that we should do in order for us to love and serve others more.

  4. My way of practicing self-care when I’m stressed usually involves a little red wine and Netflix. I love watching old episodes of “Friends” because they always give me a good laugh! Laughter calms my soul. I’m always a little less stressed after a good episode.

  5. As a someone with a lot on their plate, i can’t stress enough about the importance of self care. It’s not always to fit it in, but you can really feel the effects when you don’t take the time for yourself.

  6. One of my resolutions for this year was to make a valiant effort to practice more self care. For me, that means having time to myself to take a bath, go hang out with my friends, read a book in peace, or simply take a nap on a lazy afternoon.

  7. I I always have felt whenever I’m in stress being alone or trips alone help but it indeed feels and seems selfish or rude to some however it’s essential

  8. Self care is very important! I need to take more time to take care of myself! Thank you for this reminder!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙂

    I think if there’s anything we should understand in life, it is the necessity of self-care. In the world full of judgement and prejudice, to care about ourselves is more important than just listening to all negative vibes people try to spread around.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. One of my self-care items is drinking my tea WHILE IT’S HOT! Sometimes it’s just taking a few moments for yourself.

  11. I think self-care is a lot more than a fancy bath or lighting some candles. I think self care is about getting yourself to feel at peace, whichever way that works for you.

  12. I love taking a mid-day break to step outside and get some fresh air. Whenever I do it I not only feel better but I think my work is better too!

  13. I really love this post and how you simplify what self care can be. I think that sometimes we are guilty of thinking that we need to dedicate self care to being this entire production of making a bath or buying all of these fancy products when really it could be as simple as drinking more water in a day to feel better. I know that I could totally use that kind of self care!!! =) Love this!

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