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Pastel Fall Accessories to Cozy Up To!

Fall is officially *here*! I am in LOVE with fall, pumpkin spice, and leaves. If you have an issue with that, oh well! This season is all about being cozy, and spending time outside. Plus, the weather isn’t unbearable and its the perfect time to get outside! What could be more perfect? To me, pretty much nothing. It’s the perfect time of year to wear pastel fall accessories!

I have started to lean into loving more and more pastel colors lately, just because I think they are gorgeous! I love how soft and gentle they are, and easy to style with! You can mix and match, and it still looks adorable. So many options! I tend to lean towards pastel pinks and lavenders, but seriously, any pastel is a go for me.

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Pastel Fall – Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!!

Scarves are very possibly some of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit. Once summer rolls around and I can’t wear scarves anymore, its a sad moment for me. This pastel scarf is adorable and a super easy way to cozy up your outfit! Plus its super soft on the skin! You can tie your scarf a bunch of different ways too, to always change up the look!

Infinity scarves eliminate having to tie your scarf! I love an infinity scarf, just because they’re so easy to toss on and just go. This pastel one is so sweet and could easily add a pop of color to any outfit!

Serious ice cream and sherbet vibes! This knitted pastel infinity scarf is perfect for all the chilly upcoming weather! Where I live, it’s already cool enough for 

Pastel Fall – Jewelry!

I love a good necklace. This bib styled one is gorgeous, with earrings to match! A little pastel pink never hurt anybody, and this would be a perfect statement piece to go with a monochromatic outfit!

Sparkle! I love a cute crystal earring, and this dangling set have lots of different pastel shades! They also come in brighter shades, and you can wear them all year long. Sounds like a win to me! You could also likely DIY these, if you’re feeling crafty!

Lastly, I’m loving this circular beaded necklace! This one comes in SO many colors, so no matter what colors are your favorites, you probably can get one you love!

Pastel Fall – Bags, Bags, Bags!

If its weird or quirky, I am ALLLLL over it! This holo, glittery, planet bag is EVERYTHING and would be perfect as a fun accent to a fall outfit! Everything during fall tends to feel so muted, so why not add some glitter? 

Bring on all the weird shaped bags! I’ve always been a mermaid, so why not tote a shell shaped bag? Again, why not add a fun pop of color onto the muted shades of fall. Plus, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?!

Who wouldn’t want to add a little Minnie Mouse to their wardrobe?! This cute, pastel bag is perfect for toting your must haves, all while staying really cute. Plus, I love a bow!

What are the must have items in your fall wardrobe? Muted colors, or brights? Let me know in the comments below!





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  1. Those are cute accessories. They would look really great with a darker clothing.

  2. I live in Los Angeles where the weather is pretty warm. But as soon as the weather hits about 63 degrees, everybody pulls out their scarves. They’re one of the best fall/winter accessories.

  3. That circular beaded necklace is so cute..will check it out. Right timing…thanks, for the share. I really need this for someone, whose birthday is next week.

  4. I enjoy wearing scarf! There are so many ways to wear it. Also, I’d like to have the shell shaped bag hihi!

  5. I love pastel but never considered them for accessories I love the collection you have linked and they seem wonderful for fall

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