Ohayocon 2019

Ohayocon 2019 – Shopping, Cosplay & Semi Messy Wigs

It’s been a week since attending Ohayocon 2019 for the weekend and honestly, I already miss it *so much* and I can’t wait for the next con coming up next week. I wanted to share all the pictures and fun from the last weekend, because it really was a blast.

I won’t be covering *too* much about my cosplay, because you can find all my cosplay info in this post! I had a ton with my first cosplay that I went all out on, and trust me, I can’t wait to share everything that is coming this year in the cosplay realm! This is the most transformative and fun hobby I have ever found and I am so grateful. A serious blessing in this mess of a life.

Ohayocon 2019 – Cosplay & More Cosplay

One of the *best* parts of getting to go to conventions is cosplay and getting to see other people’s cosplay because some people seriously go all out. I’m still a baby in the cosplay world, so getting to see what some people come up with after years of practice is really inspiring to me. I don’t know a ton so far, but it’s really cool to get to learn from everyone else.

Drag Him.. need I say anymore?
SCP-173 – This guy was dedicated to his craft!
A Rei! The best part of my Saturday!
Another Asuka! Another cute part of Saturday, with me covered in snow and in glasses because we had just arrived at the convention center in a crazy storm!

I walked in making the comment that I needed to make a point to take more pictures, but here I am, with next to no pictures AGAIN and it breaks my heart. I’ve been scouring the facebook pages and instagram tags for anything but it makes me so sad that I didn’t take more myself. Because, ugh.

So.. what’s next on the agenda?

I will be attending Zipcon next month in Akron, Ohio (small con, but still should be a ton of fun!) with my friends and a totally new cosplay. Post coming soon detailing what’s to come!

Keep up with my cosplay journey on Instagram! I can’t wait to share more with you all.



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  1. I am so out of the loop on this but it looks like crazy fun!

  2. Looks so much fun! I love conventions so much! Cosplaying is a great course of inspo to me. Your Asuka is on point!

  3. I haven’t been to any cosplay events but I like checking out their photos or videos. My brother loves anime and told me all about it which sounds fun!

  4. We always go to the Dallas Fan Expo. Lots of fun and looks like you had lots of fun too!

  5. Those are some neat costumes.. that conversation looks like a lot of fun!

  6. You look so amazing! Hope you had a really wonderful time. Can’t wait to see more of your cosplay adventures.

  7. OMg girl I love anime! I have never been in a cosplay but I have been wanting it so bad. They came to Puerto rico (comiccon) and I miss all of the times. I am glad you had fun!

  8. Those are some amazing costumes – wish we had more events like this hear

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