NyanCon 2018 – Lessons Learned from my First Convention

This week has been one of the most exhausting that I have been able to remember in past weeks. Between school, work, writing, AND going to my first convention, I have been under so much pressure that it’s unreal. I had been to a lower key convention in the past, but this was the first time that I was completing my own cosplay, doing my makeup, contacts, wigs, all that. Low key terrifying. However; I did learn my fair share of lessons from NyanCon 2018, and I wanted to share them!

Heroes never die, or something like that. Hah.

Lesson #1 – It’s Okay To Be Yourself – NyanCon 2018

Seriously. Since I was young, I always had a hard time with showing my personality to people. I was always focused on making other people happy, and forgot about myself in the process. You will never make everyone happy with what you do, how you look or what you say. So, do what you want! Going to NyanCon 2018, it was just a ton of people gathered together being themselves 100%. And to me, thats always the most positive experience that you can get.


Lesson #2 – Making Time for Fun is More Important than You Think – NyanCon 2018

School, work, writing, and everything else can seriously start to wear on you after a little while. I find myself constantly struggling to make time for more fun, because, well, there is so much work to be done! But, a fun day can seriously help to reset your mind, inspire you to do better, and lift you up. I was feeling way overwhelmed, stressed, and drained. Spending a day with a ton of cool people, getting to dress up and just have fun seriously has left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to work and give it my all. It is so tough to stay motivated all the time, and sometimes, you just need a break to do something that is fun!


Lesson #3 – Treat Yourself (Within Reason) – NyanCon 2018

Shopping. Lord, the shopping. There were SO many vendors and artists there, and so much shopping to be done! I am a biiiig shopper and seeing all the nerdy art was like overload for me. But, you can always go back and do another lap to see the vendors! Make an initial lap, see what there is, THEN go back and make your purchases. There always may be one big thing that you really want at the end of the day, and if you spend it all on the first few vendors, then you’ll be so sad! But, conventions aren’t every weekend, so saving up a little to spend doesn’t hurt either!

Allll the spoils!

I can’t wait for the next con to roll around (new cosplay plans pending soon!) and hope to share more of this world with you all.

Have you ever gone to a convention? What kind? Did you like it? Let me know in the comment section below!

Much love


Cosplaying princess, anxious person and lover of all things pastel, pink, or glittery. Welcome to my world!


  1. Thanks for sharing these lessons. I miss out on the the second one. Having fun is equally important.

  2. That sounds like a whole lot of fun. I’ve never been to a convention before, they really don’t have that many that comes close to where I live.

  3. Great lesson to learn! Thanks for the share…I totally agreed with Lesson #2 Making Time for Fun is More Important than You Think. Sometimes I always forgot to make time for myself.

  4. Could not agree more….we are never going to be truly satisfied if we can’t first do what makes us happy! Sounds like you had a successful convention.

  5. I have been to many food conventions, and I love them! As a food blogger, it’s one of the perks πŸ™‚

  6. Great tips! Being yourself (in any situation, really) is so important! It makes for more fun (;


  7. Sounds like you had a great time. I’ve always enjoyed conventions. It’s like a celebration day/weekend of things or something I love.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time x

  9. You learned some valuable lessons. #1 is so important.

  10. Oh what a fun convention! Yes, self-care is so important and you need to do fun things to break up the monotony!

  11. I have never gone to a convention for fun. I have gone to thread festivals though, which is sort of close, but it was really more about buying things.

  12. I think it is very important to have fun, no matter what you are doing!

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