November Recap

November Recap – Favorites & Other Cute Stuff

I can barely believe that December is already here, let alone 11 days into the month! Christmas is just two weeks away friends! However, as usual, I have to do my November Recap before I can fully move into this month. There is so much to be thankful for that happened last month!

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November Recap – Cosmetic Faves

This might seem like a bit of an odd choice, but this has been my go to primer for at least the last two years, so it’s about time that it had it’s little moment to shine. The Nivea Men Post Shave Balm for whatever reason makes for the most incredible primer, and doesn’t leave you feeling really sticky or gross. Plus, to me at least, it smells really fresh and the scent dissipates really quickly. While it doesn’t have that really silicone-esque feel that a lot of primers do, I do think that it does help to make everything dry down a little bit more and help keep everything in place all day.

Not just this brush, but really, the it Cosmetics brushes in general are the best that you can buy, seriously. My mother bought me a few as a Christmas gift back when I was in high school, and they are still some of the best and softest brushes I have ever felt. They can be a little expensive, but think of it as an investment. I haven’t had to repurchase or replace any of them, and like I said, some are probably around 8 years old. They hold up extremely well to washing (I wash my brushes weekly!) and don’t lose shape. Get yourself some and change your life, seriously.

The Just Peachy Mattes palette has pretty much been the only palette in my hands for the last few months. It’s pretty much a dream when it comes to neutral mattes, and I really love Too Faced’s shadows because they are so easy to work with. Plus, its a good everyday palette and I like to travel with it, just because it is smaller and the palette itself is extra sturdy.

Clarisonic systems have been a serious game changer when it comes to skincare. I’ve had a brush since high school, but just replaced it with a new unit, which is amazing! It seriously helps to get all the makeup out of your skin, so that you don’t have any left behind overnight. You can buy attachments to blend out foundations as well, but I can’t speak for those. They are fairly popular though!

November Recap – Shows/Creators I’m Loving

With the colder weather closing in, its been nice to cozy up on the couch and watch some TV shows or catch up on some of my favorite vloggers and their happenings. It’s a nice escape from school work and obligations, thats for sure!

I’ve definitely been on an animated show kick, lots of cartoons and anime. I think its just been a nice escape with all the stresses of school and life currently. Pretty much no shame in my game, I’m just enjoying low stress things right now!

November Favorites

I’ve been on a mecha fantasy kick thanks to a TON of good suggestions for show from friends, and its been awesome. It really helps with the cosplay plans for the upcoming year (Do I even want to think about that?) and Darling in the Franxx is seriously so good.

November favorites

I’m really late to the party, but I binged Neon Genesis Evangelion in a two days flat and full on fell in love with this mess of a show. Cosplay plans are already in the works for the upcoming month, and I am EXCITED. Seriously Excited.

I am also in heaven with all the vlog-mas content thats been coming out over the last week, even though I guess it isn’t *technically* November recap stuff. Kim Dao has been making some amazing videos, you can check out her channel here. It makes for some great content to binge on colder nights!

What are your favorite things for your November recap? Shows? Foods? Shopping?! I need all the help with the holidays coming up, oh my gosh.

Good luck to my college friends on upcoming finals!




  1. I do believe I have heard others say that the Nivea balm is a great primer. I’ll have to give it a shot, I’m always looking for new face products to try.

  2. Okay I’m totally intrigued by the shave balm. I’ve heard several people who use Monistat chafing gel as primer (have you?) and I’ve always wanted to try it.. now I want to try this too! I bet it smells better.

    Hannah Rook |

  3. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone!! I never would have thought to try the Nivea product as a primer… 🙂 Charlie xo

  4. You had a good November 🙂
    Mine was so full of travels.

  5. I love Too Faced! I haven’t tried their Peachy collection but I’m dying to, thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve been doing research on finding new make up brushes to replace the ones I got in high school! thank you for sharing your opinion about them!! Thanks! – Kam

  7. My oldest daughter is going through a big anime drawing phase, so I’m currently gathering good shows and movies for her to watch. I anticipate that’s going to be the next step.

  8. wow would have never thought to use an after shave balm as a primer! Now I know what to reach for if mine ever runs out! love the colours in that too faced pallet too so pretty!

  9. Welcome to the party, pal! Evangelion is one of the best mecha anime of all time. You should watch the movies, as well. They’re all so good.

  10. These are amazing! I just forwarded the post to a couple of friends of mine. Thanks for the recos.


  11. Nice products! I love your header, so pretty and festive. I hope to try the cosmetic brushes!

  12. The Clarisonic is the best thing that I have used for my skin!

  13. The holidays always sneak up on me too! Hope you enjoy some time with loved ones!

  14. I would have never thought about the shave-balm as a primer! Hubby better be wiling to share! And I’ve actually seen my sister binging that Darling and the Franxx show, she seems to really love it too!

  15. I’ve always wanted to try the Clarisonic systems, as I’ve never used a brush before. Your post has reminded me to get this for myself this Christmas as a treat

  16. i have a very similar spin brush. works great, always feels better than regular washing

  17. sounds like a good November, I want that makeup brush… Hope the next months go well for you ; )

  18. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Such an amazing post and review for this great product to recommend. I love the anime stuff included in this, one of my all time favorite anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Great anime to watch and I hope they make a continuation.

  19. Ooh I am in the market form a new make up brush and this one kooks amazing! The other products look.great too 🙂 Will be keeping these in mind for Christmas.

  20. My daughter just asked me for one of these Clairisonic brushes. I think it would make a great gift for her. Thanks for sharing these excellent gift ideas.

  21. Funny, I just used my air Cosmetics brush today, loves! The peachy palette looks fabulous

  22. These look like great products, perfect for stocking stuffers! I love lip products and eye shadows most.

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