See Ya Later May! Favorites From the Past Month

Ah, May. You’ve left me with such mixed emotions. I finished up my Junior year at college, moved all my apartment fixings home (moving is the WORST!) and settled back into a much more relaxed routine. I have been dying to have some time away from the books where I can just focus on myself, writing, and winding down.

So many exciting things are on the horizon for me and my blog this month! I am finally taking the dive into vlogging, and hopefully, will be bringing back footage from Disney World! In addition, I plan on doing some live streams from the parks to share the magic. If you’d like to tune in, I’ll be streaming from my Facebook Page! Let’s get together and watch the fireworks, okay?

One of the best things about the start of a new month is getting to reflect. May was a successful month in my eyes, and I could not be more excited for what is to come this summer. Before moving onto June, however, I have to share all my favorite things from this month!

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May Favorites


The first thing that totally blew my mind this last month is the AncordWorks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker! I was in great need of a speaker to play music while I work at my desk, and this little guy came to the rescue! The sound is clear, crisp, and so pretty. For the price, the speaker is really quality, and I have been loving getting to play some music at night!

Thank you to AncordWorks for sending me this product at a discount so I could try it out!

Discount or not, this is a powerful little speaker for you to have in your arsenal. It’s a perfect edition to my desk for sure!

I have also been totally obsessed with my Vera Bradley Tote! It is totally soft on my shoulders when I’m lugging stuff from home to work, and I don’t have to worry about getting it dirty since it’s washable! Tons of pockets, organization, with everything in its place in this tote. I decorate mine with a big bow, and some hand sanitizer in a holder to help keep the germs at bay!Β 

I’m not going to lie; it hurt a little inside handing my card over to get a new pair of Birkenstocks. I had them as a kid, and wanted them back in my life, but was worried that the hefty price tag wouldn’t reflect the quality. Woah, was I wrong.

These sandals have quickly moved to the front of the list in terms of shoes I wear the most. Once broken in, they are some of the most comfortable shoes I own, and are super cute in pink. 110% would purchase these again, even if they were more expensive.I am OBSESSED with this Corkcicle cup. The glitter is so gorgeous and it keeps my drinks cold all day long. I recently discovered the brand and have had to hold back on buying more. They’re seriously so pretty! The color I have (pictured above) has a rainbow glitter effect when the light hits it right. I am in LOVE.

My last favorite this month is my new Vera Bradley Backpack!Β I love swapping this backpack for my standard purse on days that I want to be hands free. I’m taking mine to Disney World later this month because it is so perfect for days in the park! Plus, with all Vera products, they come in so many colors and patterns, so there’s one perfect for just about anyone.

What was on your list of must haves this month? Discover anything really cool? Share in the comments below!



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  1. the pattern on that backpack is gorgeous!

  2. Tairalyn Ciulla

    That little speaker is brilliant…. as is the Corksicle. You showed me a few new products I knew nothing about but now I feel a real desire to need it in my life. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  3. I LOVE Vera Bradley! I love all the designs and color schemes. Fabulous! πŸ™‚

  4. Vera Bradley has some good stuffs. I liked the colorful tote very much. Looks quite spacious too.

  5. all the products are impressive I especially liked the Tumblr cup. I have recently found my love back for backpacks and these ones look amazing!

  6. I love the tote and the backpack! Honestly, I love most anything from Vera Bradley. So many fun colors and designs!

  7. Another month is here and this means that we are in the summertime. I don’t know the brand of your wireless bluetooth speaker but I have one that I adore just like you with yours. Thanks for the review, I will check it out.

  8. Lovely Vera Bradley tote!
    Great size for lugging all my books.

  9. Neat list! I’m actually getting some new Birkenstocks now:)

  10. I love the tote bag, it always the perfect bag to go around, shopping, run errand, beach, useful bag!

  11. My sister recently just received a Corkcicle cup as a graduation present, and I honestly haven’t seen her without it since. She uses it for almost all her drinks, and is obsessed with the cup as well. Maybe I need to invest in one myself!

  12. I’ve been a birkenstock fan for FOREVER, but I have NEVER had a pair of PINK birks!! I NEEEEED them!! LOL

  13. The blue tooth speaker look so cool. I want one. Thanks for sharing.

  14. My sister would love that Vera Bradley backpack. I’ve actually never owned anything by Vera! But it’s super cute!

  15. I recently discovered Corkicle and I LOVE it! I need to find this purple sparkly one!


    Berniedette |

  16. I love this list! Some of these things I wasn’t aware of! ❀️ Everything looks great!

  17. I love those shoes and I might need to get my husband that speaker for father’s day! Love these favorites.

  18. I really love that bag. It looks about the same size as regular purse. Really love the cup as well, its so pretty.

  19. Vera Bradley backpacks are the best! Great quality and they last for years.

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