March Favorites – What I’m Loving!

March has come and gone again, and it feels like this year is flying by. March was full of school, learning, and work for me, but the month was for sure not without some new favorites! Shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I love getting to try new items and products out just to see how they perform. I used to be very much only into beauty, but as of late, my interests have expanded, and I’m going to share some with you!

Note: This article contains affiliate links. What that means is that I may be reimbursed for any purchases made through my links. However, these are products that I own and love, and want to share with you! Any earnings help to keep my blog up and running. Thanks for the never-ending love and support!

Beauty Favorites

Beauty will always be something that is near and dear to my heart. After all, I started blogging with a tiny beauty blog about a year and a half ago! I love getting to try new products and March had so many good releases!


One thing I have been totally in love with are the Essie Gel Polishes! These polishes are so pretty, come in a million different shades and don’t require an LED light to cure! All you do is paint your nails, with the color of your choice, apply the top coat, and BAM! Fresh new mani! Once you have the starter kit with the top coat, you can purchase more colors separately for about $10 a pop. Not bad at all!

Another thing I have been loving is the Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics!My lashes are on the sad side, don’t curl whatsoever, and really are nonexistent. However, this mascara has been my favorite for helping my lashes pop a little more! One bottle has lasted me quite a while, so it helps to justify the price. Love!

My last beauty favorite for March are the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow shadows! These are to DIE FOR if you’re into glitter shadows! I hate the mess that comes with applying glitters, but in these shadows, the mess is contained and the glitter is comfortable to wear. I hate the feeling of normal glitter on my eyes but this is weightless. Definitely will be getting more shades in the future!!

Lifestyle Favorites

I’ve also really fallen in love with some “lifestyle-esque” items! Now that I live on my own, it’s funny how my shopping patterns have shifted to be a little more practical. Definitely not ALWAYS practical, but sometimes!!

I do not leave the house without my S’well Insulated Bottle! It is the only bottle I have that can stand up to the amount of abuse that I subject my stuff to, without scratching, denting, or leaking! My bottle has tiny walruses and I love popping a straw in the top so I can sip while I write or work. Must have item!
HOME ESSENTIAL ALERT! I would likely starve to death if it wasn’t for my Crock Pot that my sister gifted me! Perfect for nights in, meal prep, and just about everything else, I have had so much fun trying recipes in my crock pot! It has definitely helped me to eat healthier, get in more veggies, and save tons of time!

My new backpack has made carrying my things to school and work so much easier on my back. Mine is a Vera Bradley Iconic Deluxe Campus Backpack and I love how spacious it is and that it has a space on the side to tuck my water bottle! My favorite thing about Vera backpacks is that I know that if they get a little dingy, I can always toss them in the wash to freshen them up! Cute for school, hiking, and day trips!

Fashion Favorites

Spring is here, which mean my wardrobe is about to evolve! I’m ready for warmer days, cute outfits, and the SUN! I feel like its been years since I’ve been outside without a giant jacket on, and I’m hoping that pleasant days are close ahead!

This Lace Edged Top is one of my favorites! Super cheap, soft, and perfect for casual days at work or just hanging around with friends. I’m looking forward to pairing it with some cropped jeans and flats and maybe a statement necklace. It comes in a ton of colors and sizes, perfect for everyone!

My new Birkenstocks are my go to shoe for spring! I love how many colors they come in, styles, and more! Mine will be worn all spring and summer long, and I purchased mine in a fun pink color! I love the pop of color with a more muted outfit. They are perfect for slipping on and running to the store, going for a walk or a day out!

This month discovered so many new and great products, and I’m so happy that I got to share them with you all. I want to make this a monthly sort of thing where I share my new favorites, and ask for new thing to try! I love discovering new brands and I would love to get to try out what you guys are loving!

As always, thanks for stopping by and showing your support for my tiny corner of the internet. Have a great week!


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  1. Essie is one of my all time favorites! The formula is amazing and the colors are always so beautiful!

  2. I love the durability of backpacks and I love the lace edged top too. Beautifully made! 🙂

  3. I dumped my crock pot for an Instant Pot not too long ago, and I’m kind of regretting it. The IP is great, but I think I need a classic CrockPot again.

  4. I love swell water bottles!!! And those nail polishes are gorgeous!

  5. Those nail polishes sound like what I need!

  6. Several of these have made it onto my favorites posts, too! Great minds think alike 🙂

  7. Looks like you found some great things.

  8. It looks like you have some great favourites for March here. I really like the look of your backpack and water bottle. It is always a win when you find things that really stand the test of time.

  9. Okay I am totally trying the gel nail polish. That looks so cool.. thank you for the tip! I am terrible about beauty because I’m a busy mom so I’m always looking for easy stuff like this thanks so much.

  10. I tried that mascara and its one of my faves. I love the brush that comes with it.

  11. Love the crock pot and the eye shadow. I want to get an instant pot, but I think crock pots are still worth keeping. Something about the slow cook and the house smelling wonderful all day are so very appealing:)

  12. Thanks for sharing your favorite things in March! I adore Birkenstocks, and I really love the color and style of the one you feature. Cute!

  13. I make a few meals a week in the crockpot. It’s hard to cook every night so it’s a life saver!

  14. I LOVE the stila glitters!! They’re my fav!! Love all of the others too!!

  15. Such great picks! I LOVE my swell bottle so much and take it everywhere! It does such a good job of keeping my water cold all day long!

  16. OK I am OBSESSED with those Essie polishes too! It the only thing I wear anymore! So good and no damage to your nails!

  17. This is a great list. I have been eyeing a Swell Insulated Bottle as well. After reading this — I am 100% decided to purchase it.

  18. If I ever come out with a product, I’m calling you to review it, okay? This is a great list with great commentary

  19. I use the Essie top coat with all my polishes and it works great! I love swell bottles as well (have 3 of them) and they work great, just wish they weren’t so heavy to carry around.

  20. I always drool on Essie nail polishes! I also liked the bottle and backpack xoxo

  21. I love my slow cooker as well. I got mine a couple of years ago and it has helped me out a lot because I can just throw thing in there and go.

  22. IN LOVE with that black lace top!!! Must have! Thanks for posting

  23. birkenstocks are seriously THE BEST!!! such a comfy shoe

  24. Oh man! I need to try those Essie gel polishes. I have yet to find an at-home gel polish that works for me! (OR maybe it’s that I’m too impatient to let them dry all the way 😉 )

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