Let’s Get Outside – Simple, Cost Efficient Outdoor Activities To Try This Spring

If you’re like me, you like winter for about the first month, and then you can’t wait until the sun and warmer weather can return. Where I live, this winter hasn’t been horrible, but, spring can’t come soon enough for me. I want to get outside and spend some days in the sun! However, being in college, I don’t have unlimited funds to spend on outdoor activities. Here are some of my favorite, low cost ideas to try out once spring has sprung.

<$10 Options

  • Go to a driving range. Obviously this requires you to have clubs and a range to go to, but this is one of my favorite things to do when I have time! I’m not very good at golfing (at all), but theres something relaxing about going to the range.
  • Putt Putt! If standard golf isn’t for you, putt putt might be an option that would suit you better. I love getting to go and play putt putt with my family, and usually one round doesn’t carry too hefty of a price tag.
  • Visit a national or state park. This option very well may be free, but some parks charge admission in order to take care of park upkeep and staffing. I grew up going to the parks and there is so much to learn and see!
  • Paint kindness rocks. Your only expense here is paint and sealer, you can pick the rocks up in a local park or along the edge of a lake or stream. This is something I very recently got into, thanks to a professor at school. I felt totally silly painting rocks until I realized how relaxing it was. After you seal the rocks, you leave them for others to find and brighten their day. Your area may have a facebook page that organizes rock painting. For me, the NE Ohio Rocks page is an awesome community for sharing your work, and seeing if anyone finds your rock! It really is a fun activity to try out with kids or to relax with. Plus you could make someone’s day!
  • Go to a drive in movie! I haven’t been to nearly enough drive ins, but every time that I go, its always the best experience and a super fun way to spend time with friends. Bring your own snacks, blankets, and chairs, and you’ll have a fun and inexpensive night!

Free Options

  • Visit a local metro park and have a picnic! I’ve done this a few times in the past and it makes for super photos. Bonus points if you explore some trails too!
  • Go Geocaching! Similar to a modern day treasure hunt, geocaching uses coordinates to guide you to a hidden prize. All you need is a phone, a pen to sign the log, and a good attitude! I’ve personally found over 300, and you’ll be amazed how many are in your community! Just remember to leave the cache hidden as you found it, if not better. You can geocache all year long, not just spring, but I think that spring weather is the most pleasant for days outside!

I hope that some of these ideas get you outside and moving once the weather allows! What is your favorite thing to do in spring? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Great ideas! I like playing Pokemon Go with my son (free) and going picking at the local farm (not so free).

  2. I am so excited for Spring!! We love visiting National Parks! Great ideas here!

  3. I did something similar! I went out to climb a mountain the other day and it was an amazing experience. to be outdoors is free and oh so worth it!

  4. Great ideas! Heading to a state park in a few weeks and can’t wait!

  5. I think I’d actually like to try geocaching some day. And I used to go to the driving range all the time. I really should get back into that. It was a lot of fun!

  6. I’m so ready for the warm weather and being able to do fun things outside. Painting kindness rocks is such a fun idea that I wouldn’t have thought about on my own!

  7. I really love the idea of painting kindness rocks!

  8. Paint kindness rocks – this seems perfect for me now.
    Great helpful tips.

  9. Great suggestions. I love Put-Put with friends. It is a great way to get out and have fun.

  10. Winter here in NH has been brutal! I can’t wait to see the sun and get outside to soak some of it up. Mini golf or putt-putt golf is one of my absolute faves. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love all the ideas. I am an outdoor person from Spring to Fall … so this is just in time. Going to parks and fairs is my favorite things to do.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  12. Love the drive in idea! We used to go all the time as a kid and it was so much fun

  13. These ideas are simple yet great!

  14. These are all great ideas. We will be doing all this and more come spring. If only this horrid weather would settle down and real “spring” would arrive !

  15. Priyadarshini Rajendran

    Some amazing options. I love having a picnic with the kids out in the park or near our favorite lake.

  16. GREAT ideas for getting outside! My fave is a visit to National Parks. They are lovely AND educational most of the time.

    The How-to Guru

  17. These are such great ideas! I need to get the kids out this weekend since its a bit warmer! XO ~Anna http://www.pepperedinstyle.com

  18. I’ve painted a kindness rock before, super fun! These are some great ideas! x

  19. Great ideas! I think it would be really fun to go geocaching (my hubs would love it, too) so I have to look into that! We have such great parks where I live, too!

  20. Love this list!! My hubby and I are newlyweds and this list will really help us this spring! 🙂

  21. Putt Putt and a visit to a national park sounds like great ideas. You gave me some inspiration for this weekend. Thanks!

  22. Ah cool, thanks for the variety of tips for all levels of budget!

  23. We are so excited to get outside this spring! I love the kindness rock idea, we’ve been meaning to do this for a while!

  24. I love these ideas!I really want to go to a drive in!

  25. National parks are our favorite spring, summer and fall outside activity! We also love to visit historical sites, especially the free ones!

  26. My husband and dons have done the geocaching with scouts and loved it! Great tips for family fun!!!

  27. I love these activities options. Mini golf is definitely one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  28. So many great ideas all within a reasonable price point – putt putt sounds like a fab choice x

  29. I am all for going to the park and doing the trails or bike riding. Also the picnic idea is always fun with a good book or magazine.

  30. Putt putt and geocaching will be fun options for our family. All we usually do is go swimming at the creek.

  31. With the weather getting nicer I can’t wait to get outdoors! I think hiking/national park sounds perfect!

  32. We were just talking about getting outside today. Thanks for the awesome recommendations!

  33. Love this. WE love doing outdoor stuff with the kiddos!!! Especially on the weekends.

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