Down Days – Tips & Tricks For Better Mental Health

Living with anxiety (& the subsequent depression) for pretty much my entire life, I’ve had my fair share of days that really are less than amazing. Tons of days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed and facing the day, and my bed and space seems a thousand times more comforting than the rest of the world. Living through these experiences for years, I’ve picked up my fair share of tricks to help break out of the funk and get back to business. School doesn’t have time for a lot of down time, so finding myself back into a productive sort of mood is super important. Mental Health correlates to your overall wellbeing, so it’s important to take it seriously.

Some of my favorite tricks are:

  • Read a good book. Even better, take that book someplace outside of the house; a park, coffee shop or even backyard are great options.
  • Walks. Exercise is one thing that seriously can kick sad feelings to the curb, just from a chemical standpoint. I like to go for walks in the evening, bring some headphones along, and just try to clear my mind of everything that could be cluttering my head.
  • Go on a tiny day trip. Even if its just to a nearby town or city, getting out and experiencing new things can help to lift your spirits.
  • Have a spa night. If you can’t bring yourself to leave the house, you can always pamper yourself at home with face masks, nail polish and snacks! Sometimes I like to put on a favorite tv show, and just hang out while my nails dry.
  • Call up friends. Support from friends & family is super important!
  • Clean up your space. Living in a clutter free & clean environment can make everything  a little better!
  •  Listen to music. Sometimes it’s just nice to lay down and listen to some music and reflect.
  • Go to the gym. Again, exercise is key to chemically beating bad feelings and boosting up energy.
  • Indulge in a new hobby. I’ve recently started to care for some tiny plants, and sitting and caring for them always makes me feel better. It’s a whole new hobby for me to learn about and keep me occupied.
  • Bake/cook a treat. There’s nothing better than something home cooked and tasty to help you feel better!

Of course, as always, everyone has their own techniques and tricks to help themselves feel a little more energized on days that drag. Finding them might be a little bit tedious, but it’s worth the energy!

Do you have any techniques that help you feel better on bad days? Share them in the comments below.




  1. After a totally bad month or so it seemed like it, we took off for couple of days. Spent whole time relaxing and getting outdoors. Came back ready to face the world.

  2. I love to go to the gym when I’m stressed

  3. I love all of these suggestions! I am a sufferer of anxiety & depression, as well, and many of these are suggestions that my counselor gets me to do. Day trips and cleaning work wonders for me! And hobbies. The more I keep my mind occupied and focused on something productive and enjoyable, the better!

  4. These are all great tips. I totally love to read books, listen to music and working out at the gym, especially on days when I’m feeling not quite myself.

  5. Those are great tricks for breaking a bad mood. I use many of the same ones. It is so hard sometimes when I get in a funk and I am at the worst of my depression. I just want to hide and not talk to anyone, but I also know that is the worst thing I can do. So I make myself go out and I start small, but pretty soon I am feeling better.

  6. I hate days like this. I’m coming out of feeling like this right now (usually hormonal!) – walk and music are my favourite ways to lift the fog. I like your list, there are so many nice things to try. Sending good vibes your way!

  7. These are all great tips! I always go to the gym, walk my dog or call my mom. I can’t bake when I’m down, though, I end up eating an entire bowl of batter and feeling worse about everything, ha! Oops!

  8. One thing that I do when I am having a really off day is I take a breather from everything. I write and I listen to music that help me become happy.

  9. I also have GAD & depression, and I will confirm that all of these are perfect ways to help get out of "The Slump". 🙂 I also love to play with my dog for a while — she helps me take my mind off of things, as well.

  10. I agree completely with the exercise enhancing your mood. I think self awareness is so key to overcoming some of these battles. For instance, if you know that you struggle with overspending (and impulsive behavior…like me), avoiding those triggers will help immensely. We’ve got to TRY not to put ourselves in situations that will make our mood/depression/anxiety/compulsions worse. Loved this post, Emily!

  11. I love these tips! As a previous anxiety sufferer and anxiety kid-Mama, I know it’s critical to have strategies in place to "interrupt the anxiety." One thing we love is to get out a piece of paper or journal, if handy, and write a gratitude list on the spot. Gratitude interrupts anxiety! Love this!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. These are wonderful tips. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I love these tips! Going for a walk, listening to worship, the gym and prayer always lift me up!

  14. These are such great ideas! When I’m in a funk, shopping always helps me feel better, even if I don’t buy anything!

  15. Love these! Down days sometimes turn into down weeks and months if we don’t make an effort to get in front of them, and even then sometimes they still drag on. Going outside and getting out of the house is something that always helps me too!

  16. I’m team baking on a down day! Nothing cheers me up like a warm batch of cookies. 🙂

  17. Wow! These are very helpful tips for beating the blues! My favourite ones are reading books and cooking a treat. And of course, who doesn’t like pampering of the night spa? 🙂

  18. Agree on everything. What works for me the best is to clean my house- which is a mess almost 100% of a time( I have two toddlers)

  19. We need to go on more day trips. I don’t know why we don’t think of them but we don’t! THey are so easy and fun.

  20. I really wanted to add a new habit to the routine and I started learning Japanese. It really shifts my focus from my major goals and gives me a little break that I need! All of these tips are very practical!

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