June goals

June Goals & Aspirations – Lets Get To It!

June is here! It’s the first month this year that I won’t be in school full time, so I am excited to hash out some new June goals and see what I can accomplish this month. I wish I had done a May goals, as my latest was back in March, but I am excited to get everything I want to do written down. Writing things down for whatever reason makes it a lot more likely that I’ll actually get it done.

So, lets get to it!

June Goals – Physical Health

  • Walk more! I know this was a goal in my past post and theres still so much that I could be doing. Walking is good for your overall health, and I want to try to get to 10,000 steps as much as I can. Plus, I have a Disney Vacation coming up this month and I’m sure I’ll be hitting my step goals those days!
  • Drink more water. This is always a given for me. Drinking more water leads to healthier skin and feeling more energized, and I’m just about always tired. I’m aiming for 64oz a day.
  • Eat more things that come from the earth directly. I need to fit more “clean” foods into my diet for health’s sake. Plus, summer is the best time to get fresh fruit and veggies to cook with!

June Goals – Emotional Health

  • Stop caring about what other people think/say. I allow other people’s opinions to hold way too much value over my head. In all reality, it doesn’t matter whatsoever what anyone else thinks about what I do or am doing, because I’m doing it for me. So, if you don’t like it for some reason, whatever.

Yep, thanks Jinkx.

  • Let go of mistakes I’ve made in the past. There isn’t a thing I can do about them now, so stop focusing on them so much! I feel like getting this one down pat will be a massive weight off my shoulders.
  • Start a bullet journal! I have been pinning so many ideas for a bullet journal, and I feel like it would be so much fun to start! I love that you can customize them to be however you want, and there is one in my near future! Maybe I’ll even document and share my bullet journal so you guys can start one too.

June Goals – Blogging

  • Grow my Pinterest account! I know that it can be a great source of traffic, and I’m doing my best to learn how to use the platform to the best of my ability. It can be confusing, but at least I’m giving it a shot!
  • Grow my Instagram to 7K followers! I am so close, and it will be so amazing to finally hit that next milestone. I feel like it’s a never ending battle, but so far, so good!
  • Work on more sponsored campaigns! I was lucky enough to work with 19 companies within the last month, and I am hoping for another packed month of goodness! New things are on the horizon!

What’s on your agenda for the month? Plans? Goals? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Wednesday!




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  1. So, I literally stopped reading your post to get up and grab a glass of water. Why is drinking water so darn hard?!? I NEVER drink enough!

    1. Who knows. I like to always keep my cup with me or I’ll never have any water.

  2. Great goals! Mine are to workout and read more.

    1. Good luck Mallorie!

  3. You can do it, goal is gold, keep it on the right path, lots of things to learn for sure!

    1. So true!

  4. Wow! How did you land 19 companies? Do you get paid for all of them? What is your secret?!?

    1. Most of them were product in exchange for review. Join websites that help you connect with companies is my biggest advice!

  5. I’m a real goal setter and these are some great ones heading into summer. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good luck on your goals Karin!

  6. Really great goals. For me, I want to grow my Instagram and my blog also so move more instead of being behind my computer all day.

    1. I feel it on the being behind the computer all day!

  7. Great doable goals. I am struggling to get my blogging goals right.

    1. Goodluck Indrani!

  8. All of these goals are so similar to mine! I know you’ll hit your walking goals at Disney (I usually walk just over 20,000 steps a day when I’m there!) but I’ve also been incorporating a little running. My Instagram challenge is holding ON to my 7k followers lol I have to admit, it gets so discouraging sometimes that I haven’t been putting as much effort as previous months. I’m also hoping to start a bullet journal ASAP!! Congrats on so many collaborations. I’d love to get a consistent number of sponsored posts. Any suggestions?! 🙂

    1. Instagram is something else, I feel it. Goodluck on your bullet journal! For sponsored posts, get in networks that connect you with companies!

  9. Really good goals you have got here. Eating clean and exercising is on my list.

  10. I’m with you on the clean eating for June. It’s been a while since I set myself a goal but this month I aim to go to yoga class 12 times and eat zero fast food… its my weakness! We’re a week in and I’ve already lost 4lb!

  11. Great goals. I need to start making and building blog goals. It’s a fun hobby but I have yet to earn $

  12. My goal is to get consistent content drafted. Summertime means lazy days and vacays so I want to make sure my content is still quality and consistent.


  13. Did you know that if you walk 10,000 steps everyday for a week, you’ll lose 1 pound per week, assuming a 2,000 calorie diet. It’s so simple but still so hard to do ha

  14. I never have enough time to think of my monthly goals, but maybe it would make my work much easier … so I’ll try it out from next month. Great goals! 🙂

  15. I’m super impressed at how well built your website is! Congrats! I hope 7k followers comes easily!

  16. My goals for this month I want to grow my brand. I also hope to get to sponsored posts.

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