First Week of Keto

First Week of Keto – Real Talk Experiences

In case you live under a rock, keto is one of the bigger trends right now for weight loss, and is also on the slightly controversial side. Keto focuses in on eating carbs in very small amounts, while ramping up consumption of fats and proteins in order to switch your body into burning fat for energy. I decided about a week ago to dip my toes in myself to see what happened and if it was all they claimed it to be. I’d like to journal my feelings weekly, so here is my first week of keto.

The whole premise of keto is the idea that you need to cut your carbs down to about 5-10% of your daily intake. For someone like me, this was MASSIVE lifestyle change, because I am a fiend for breads, cookies, cakes, and candy. But, in order to trigger ketosis (the state where you burn more fat) carbs have to be kept to a minimum. I turned to lovely MyFitnessPal to help me keep track of my macros, and dreaded the incoming “flu” that was likely to hit in the first week of keto.

First Week On Keto – The First Day


I started my first morning with some eggs and a few slices of bacon. This was an odd start to a new diet, because I knew that bacon and eggs in the past were a big no no. Too much fat! But, because fat needs to make up the majority of your calories, bacon and eggs is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. Weird, no?

I packed a chicken salad for lunch, and was out the door. It honestly felt good. I had more time to get ready that morning due to getting up earlier, felt a little more awake for the drive into work, and overall felt good about the change. Today was a day where I was going to start feeling better, get fit, and look nicer! Score!

First Week on Keto – “Keto Flu”


As the afternoon continued, I started to feel a little off. My head hurt, I was irritable, and really just wanted a nap. This was that cute little carb withdrawal people speak of, that leaves you feeling like you may have the flu. I went home, had some dinner, and got ready for bed. Before bed, I grabbed some powerade zero, which made a huge difference.

It turns out that people who fall ill while starting keto diets usually are lacking in the hydration and electrolyte department. Once I drank up, I felt more like myself, got to bed, and repeated everyday this week.

Really, its that simple. Replace carbs with greens and veggies, count on MyFitnessPal, hydrate, and that’s it.

First Week on Keto – The Results!


I have yet to add exercise into my routine yet, but in the first 5 days alone, I’ve lost about 6 pounds. This is mostly due to water weight, but I have to say it feels great to have such a successful first week. I’m starting to feel more energized, awake, and upbeat. I could get used to this!

I’ll be checking in next Sunday to share my updated experiences!

Have you ever done a keto diet, or any other diet? What works for you? Let me know down below!


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  1. I have a friend on the keto diet, and when I told her about an ice cream made from bananas (it was amazing!) she said she couldn’t have it because of the bananas! I would question any diet that cuts out any fruit or veg. Surely your cholesterol is going to pay the price in the end?

  2. Keto is all the rage these days. I’ll have to try it but I’ll need to find a vegan alternative.

  3. Wow, you lost 6 pounds in a week? That is such an accomplishment- congrats! The Keto Diet has always sounded interesting to me, and I have yet to try it myself. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. I haven’t tried the Keto diet, I don’t know if I would be able to survive without my bread or pasta. The closes that I have come is maybe a low carb diet but not everything gone.

  5. Push through lady, PUSH THROUGH! You can do this and then you’re going to feel tremendous! I just know it!!

  6. I have heard about it and there is indeed a lot of controversy surrounding it. But it is amazing to know you found it effective for you. It is only through personal experiences from someone you come to know the genuine results of something. I am trying to shed the last 10 pounds which are proving to be so stubborn that I might actually look into keto diet.

  7. I loved reading this! I have been so curious about the Keto diet and feel like it would be so good for me to try. It was nice to hear some of your experience. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Congratulations on your weigjtloss! I’m on week 5 of Lighterlife that’s a vlcd and lost 2 stone so I’m all about ketosis haha!

  9. I have been meaning to try Keto as so many of my friends are doing it and love the results. Thank you for sharing your experience and congrats on losing 6 pounds!

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