Father’s Day is Around the Corner! 8 Perfect Gifts for Dad

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but now it’s time for Father’s Day! We had a great time at our house celebrating our mom, doing some crafts and just visiting, but now we get to look forward to the day for our dad. We are just over a month away now (June 17th!) but it is never too early to brainstorm gift ideas!

For me, at least, I think that Father’s Day gifts can almost be more tricky than Mother’s Day gifts are. For my dad at least, it can be difficult to pick out something that he would both like and use. Let me throw you a life line and show you some ideas for dad this year!

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Gifts for the Outdoorsy Father

Dad looking to get outside more and get more active? Maybe the new FitBit Versa would be a good gift! I love my fitbit, it helps me to be more active, and encourages me to get outside and get more steps everyday. Maybe dad would like one, too! I feel like I always mention these, but I love S’well bottles and they would be a perfect gift! I use mine all the time, and everyone could drink more water! Reusable bottles make drinking more water easier, more economical and better for the environment than traditional plastic bottles. Plus, you can save dad some money by ditching plastic bottles for good!

Live someplace sunny and warm? Nike Baseball Caps help keep the sun out of dads eyes when he’s working outside or getting some sun. High quality and sturdy, a good baseball cap can keep up with all the running around he does on the daily. Plus, they come in a million different colors!

Gifts for the Tech-y Father

Get dad a new virtual assistant! The Echo Spot displays as a clock, but also integrates Alexa to help to play music, podcasts, make calls and more. We love using Alexa in our house to play music and more. This would be a great gift for dad that will keep working for him all year long!

I have to say, I LOVE my Beats wireless headphonesThey make working out so much more fun, and the fact that they’re wireless seals the deal! This makes them a perfect gift for dads that may have their hands full already, but want to listen to music or podcasts when they get a free second!

As I’ve mentioned in previous gift guidesAnker Portable Chargers are perfect for anyone these days. Every dad has a phone, and having back up power for when you can’t get to an outlet is priceless. I love mine for day trips and travel, but these are great to keep with you all the time to help keep you (or dad!) connected!

Gifts for the Active Father

A Gaiam Yoga Mat is good for more than just yoga! Great for stretching, home workouts, and of course, yoga. Gaiam’s products are super high quality, last forever and come in tons of fun colors (or neutrals!). Active dads would love a good mat to take their workouts up a notch.

A new pair of running shoes is always a good idea! Perfect for running or anything else dad would need, a new pair of tennis shoes are always needed. This pair from Nike comes in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect to fit just about any dad’s personality.

What are you planning on picking up for the father in your life this year? Let me know in the comments below; the more ideas the merrier!




  1. All of these things would work for so many dads. My husband has already picked out a new fishing pole.

  2. I see at least 4 things that my hubby would love!

  3. I should look into these gifts for my husband! Such great ideas!

  4. I like the water bottle and echo spot ideas for my husband!

  5. My husband would love any of these. Maybe I’ll get him a new fitbit or the echo. Great ideas.

  6. Love these suggestions! Hubby’s getting a personalized hammer this year because we can never find one when we need one! Lol

  7. Great Father’s Day gift ideas! I need to start thinking of gifts!

  8. Here in Germany, fathers’ day was already last week, so no running shoes…. 😉

  9. These are some really great gift ideas for dad! My husband would really love a new pair of shoes.

  10. I can’t believe Father’s Day is already coming up! This year is flying by. These are great suggestions. I know my husband would love anything from this list!

  11. Omg. Perfect timing. Definitely going to have to add a few of these to the cart.

  12. Great picks! I love the water bottle idea!


  13. This is great, this is getting my juices flowing for ideas! I won’t be home to celebrate with my dad so I was thinking I’d send something home from traveling but it has to be something good! But I really like the echo spot idea. I’m definitely going to keep some of these in my back pocket 🙂

  14. Great ideas. We usually get football related items – luckily there are many choices out there for any dad

  15. Great list! I’ve bought my husband lot’s of these exact items for Father’s day before. Still stumped for this year!

  16. Great gift ideas! I want half of these myself, hahaha

  17. Great gift ideas! Definitely something my hubs would enjoy. He’s a dog dad 🙂

  18. Oh I love the tech-y gift! The Echo spot seems to be right up my alley, I had never heard of it because I have a dot, but I will check this one out as a gift, it seems practical and perfect for fathers day!

  19. Great ideas for gifts! Great roundup of well priced but thoughtful items! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Shoes are always a winner in this home! Then again so is BBQ stuff and gardening goodies. I need to get shopping. THANKS for the reminder!

  21. Some really great ideas here. I’m usually stuck for ideas .

  22. These are some great ideas. I will get the shoes packed.

  23. Thanks for the share. My father would really love that smartwatch and the sports shoe. Nice ideas…Thumb-Ups!

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