Doctor Mercy Cosplay

Doctor Mercy Cosplay – Overwatch on a Budget

Last week was one for the books with me! I attempted my first real cosplay, and pulled it all together in under two weeks. Whaattt? Yeah. I was exhausted, feeling gross, but at the end of the week, everything came together beautifully and was SO worth it! For baby’s first con, I decided to go with a doctor Mercy cosplay, because, well, I am wholeheartedly obsessed with that lady. The stress was worth it, and it all pulled together really nicely. So, here’s how it all pulled together!

As a novice cosplayer, I wasn’t looking to sew an entire dress or make armor or anything too complicated or complex. With the short time frame, and the fact that I wanted to be comfy, it was important that the elements were soft, easy to wear, and inexpensive. I knew I was going to spend the majority of the day on my feet, so I didn’t want to have to drag a costume around or feel too weighed down. I just wanted to be comfortable.

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Doctor Mercy Cosplay – The Halo

One of the most important parts of a Mercy cosplay is her halo! The halo is sorta iconic to her look, and if you aren’t going to have wings (I didn’t!) then you should at least have a halo! My halo was 3D printed by a friends, but there are tons of sellers on etsy that will happily make you the pieces to assemble yourself. Or, you can buy a finished model to eliminate some of the work.


Doctor Mercy Cosplay
My halo with my favorite Funko Pop figure!

Doctor Mercy Cosplay – The Jacket

A normal doctor’s jacket would suffice, but I chose to jazz mine up with a couple details from her armor in game! I chose the jacket below (click the image to get the link!) and it came quick with prime shipping. I’m truly not sure what I would do in life without amazon, for real.
For the suit details, I mocked up a couple designs in canva (a lifesaver of a program!) and used my cricut machine to cut red glitter vinyl out in the correct shapes. I am in love with my cricut, and if you are a big crafter, its totally worth the investment! Mine was purchased on prime day (keep an eye out for the deals!) and I have never looked back.

I had plans to add more details, but it turned out that the vinyl I had purchased for the other parts was not the correct type (sad!). So, for this time around, I kept it simple. Hopefully in the future I can step my game up just a little bit.Β 

Doctor Mercy Cosplay – The Wig

I’m not naturally blonde, or anywhere near being blonde (redheads represent!) so, this was the first time that I ever purchased and wore a wig! I struggled hardcore with this part, because I have gigantic and poofy hair, but I somehow managed to make it all work. Again, Amazon prime came to the rescue and saved me with some speedy shipping.

Thankfully, I have friends who are near pros at styling wigs, so they lent a hand and made this budget wig look really cute! It is a little more orange in tone than it appears in the pictures, but overall, it worked out really nicely and was a good first wig. It even came with a wig cap which was a serious plus for me. Once I had secured it with an entire package of bobby pins, it really looked nice, minus my hair sticking out in multiple places. Like I said, baby cosplayer here.

Doctor Mercy Cosplay – The Little Details

The little details really help to bring things all together, especially when you’re doing things as simply as I was. A few extra bucks can help to really make things pop!

For pants, I just wore a standard pair of black leggings, so I don’t have too much of a suggestion. Just wear your favorite pair and be comfy! I wore an ankle length pair to keep my ankles comfortable in the boots.

The boots above were what I wore! They’re on the comfortable side, but when you’re walking all day long, things usually get to be uncomfy. They’re not too expensive, and didn’t scuff up all day, score! Totally would wear these again with another cosplay or outfit because they are simple, basic, over the knee boots.

This turtleneck top is perfect for Mercy, but this is one of the softest tops I have ever worn, my goodness. It is soft, stretchy, and literal perfection. I’ll probably pick this up in more colors for winter because its one of the most comfortable things I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Love. It.

I chose to wear this yellow stethoscope to bring some more yellow into the outfit, because that’s what Mercy really wears in game. Even though this was a fairly liberal interpretation, I wanted to pull in some sort of color in the sea of gray, white, and black. This was a super simple and easy way to do it, for less than ten dollars. Score!

Doctor Mercy Cosplay Completed!

Heroes never die, or something like that. Hah.

That’s all I did in order to pull together my Mercy Cosplay! I plan on doing a simple makeup tutorial type post soon, but didn’t want this one to get tooΒ long in general. That should be coming soon if there is any interest!

Do you like costumes, or dressing in cosplay? Have you ever done it before? Let me know in the comment section below! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Lots of Love & Hugs,


Cosplaying princess, anxious person and lover of all things pastel, pink, or glittery. Welcome to my world!


  1. I have had the opportunity to cosplay, there’s not that many where I live. You costume looks really great.

  2. Well done. I have watched others (including my kids) get ready and plan for cosplay and LARPS. It can take a while and a lot of thought but it is worth it when you join in at the event.

  3. You look super cute and accurate! I have never participated for any cosplays but It does seem so fun

  4. I have not heard of Doctor Mercy but I love how you found ways to dress like your favorite character within a budget. I have enjoyed cosplay in the past.

  5. I’m just curious, since I have never really cosplayed before, but what exactly does cosplay involve and are there communities for cosplay? I think this is a really interesting costume though, and I really think if I were to cosplay, I would want to be someone like your character–noble, helpful and strong!

    1. It’s about as involved as you want it to be. I have friends who have been doing it for years and make their costumes by hand, spending hours and hours making everything perfect. There is a giant community of cosplayers!

  6. This is a great outfit. I love cosplay…it’s so much fun to design and dress up!

  7. What a cute costume! I never heard of anything Cosplay until reading this post. Thanks for sharing your love for this character.

  8. I’m not a costume kinda person. Never have been not even as a kid. I have to ask, what is cosplay. I think I have a general idea but I’m curious to know more.

    1. It’s similar to costumes, but costumes people generally wear to conventions and such! Some people buy theirs, some people make theirs handmade.

  9. I love this look and I also love that it is easy to put together with pretty much stuff you have around the house. Well done!

  10. I love that you “jazzed up” your doctor’s coat to make it more authentic! Such a great way to do cosplay! You look adorable.

  11. Your cosplay costume is so cute! I love how you incorporated clothing items that can be easily found in stores and make it to transform into Doctor Mercy! Incredible job!

  12. Cosplay on a budget… That’s something I could get into! Haven’t ever been to a con, but I hear they’re a lot of fun! I like what you did with your costume!

  13. Oh, how fun! You did a great job putting this costume together on a budget.

  14. I’m so intrigued by the whole cosplay thing. That’s amazing you were able to pull it all together so quickly!

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