10 Ways to Get Self Care At Work – Mental Health

Self care has been a seriously hot topic recently. It seems that more and more people are starting to see how important it really is, but some people still might be misunderstanding self care. Or, some people might suggest there isn’t enough time in the day for self care. What a terrifying idea! Enter ways to get self care at work.

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15 Free Coping Strategies for Better Mental Health!

Happy Mental Health Monday! The best day of the week, hooray! This week, I’ll be sharing all my favorite free coping strategies that I’ve found over YEARS of careful trial and error. Of course, as always, everyone is different, so finding your own personalized strategies might help too! Most of these are universal though, and probably can help you start to feel a little less tense! You don’t need to spend money to feel better, so trying some of these free coping strategies might help!

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Do Planners Help Reduce Anxiety? – Mental Health Monday

It’s no secret that I have been an anxiety ridden person pretty much since I was a kid. Since I’ve lived this life for quite sometime, I’ve picked up on the things that make me feel a little more at ease and more organized. When heading into this new school year, I had one big question; Do planners help reduce anxiety?

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Respecting Your Limits

Respecting Your Limits – Mental Health Monday

This weekend, I “went out” for the first time. If you know me personally, you would know that this is a pretty uncommon occurrence for me; I tend to be a homebody. As a gigantic fan of drag culture and the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, I was stunned when one of the recent winners was coming to a town within 20 minutes of my place. But, honestly, after purchasing my tickets I felt an overwhelming rush of dread. Events like this can be difficult, especially when you aren’t accustomed to going out. Respecting your limits can be on the tough side, especially if you’re one who tends to be on the anxious side.

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Self Care Items To Boost Mental Health – Mental Health Monday

Happy Mental Health Monday! Another week has passed, and I’m another week closer to my big move! I have one more week with my family, and then at the end of the week, I’ll be back in my little apartment! Due to the fact it’ll likely be pretty stressful, I wanted to share my favorite self care items with you all!

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