Cardcaptor Sakura – Figure Unboxing and Review

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I haven’t always been a figure person. In fact, I thought that I completely wasn’t for the longest time. I shopped almost exclusively for anything BUT figures, but since a lovely friend of mine sent me a few of my first (you know who you are, big thanks!) I have been on the search for more figures to add to my collection whenever I’m at conventions. This time at Colossalcon was no different, and when I saw a Cardcaptor Sakura figure that I had been wanting for ages, it was time to act. If you want a more expansive view into my Colossalcon shopping, click here for my haul!

Magical girls have become one of my favorite things very quickly. The idea of girls essentially just kicking butt and being positive is one thing that just got me. Cardcaptor Sakura may be a show mostly aimed at kids but, clearly, I don’t care. I was in full Sakura cosplay when I picked up this little beauty!

She is beauty, she is grace

While figures can get the reputation for being excessively expensive, I paid just $35 for her! You can get the same figure on Amazon for even less ($30 at the time of writing!) and see her for yourself! Plus with prime, why not?!

Even before you crack the box open, the box itself is gorgeous, and super reminiscent of the cards from the series. Lots of cute little accents, soft colors, and detail. I really love it!

Once out of the box and assembled, she is a super sweet little figure perfect for a bookshelf or desk. It’s not a huge figure by any stretch of the imagination, but substantial enough. For a smaller figure, there really is a ton of tiny details packed in, from the stripes on the border of her dress and cape to little ruffles in the petticoat under her dress.

Even the Staff of Dreams has tones of tiny little details, with the center a lovely frosted blue.

Overall, I think that this figure is way more than worth the cost! It’s a pretty one for a bookshelf or desk, and I am so happy that I decided to pick this one up!