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Blue Hen Falls CVNP – Explore Ohio

While it may be a departure from my current cosplay and nerdy focused content, for the longest time I have tossed around the idea of dipping my toes in to a project that would allow me to explore where I come from a little deeper than before. I started my “Explore Ohio” series last year, and for some reason, wrote a few times and let it burn out. I started focusing more on my cosplay content, other things, and it fell to the back of my mind. Today my family and I traveled to Blue Hen Falls, which is in our local national park, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

While it might seem a little random compared to the con reviews and cosplay blabber, I’ve always wanted to share more about where I’m from, and let it push me to explore a little more in the process. I can pretty easily fall into a routine and just about never change it, so this little project should be a welcome change for me. Plus, I can share little bits and bobs about my community. Pretty fun for me.

While it isn’t very far at all, it’s been a few years since my family and I headed to Blue Hen Falls and explored a little. Last we visited, it was fall and a little bit warmer outside, so this time I wish I had bundled up more. I’m writing this and still feeling a little bit chilly inside. Yuck.

The hike to the falls is easy as pie. Mostly paved (some parts are much rougher than others by a long shot) and downhill, getting to the falls is a nice easy walk. The scenery to the falls isn’t bad either, and it was honestly a good way for me to clear my head after a fairly unhappy week on my part.

Due to the weather being chilly, the falls was pretty much abandoned when we arrived. There were a few other people wandering, but it was nice to just have some peace and quiet. The falls itself isn’t very noisy, and it really was a peaceful way to round out the evening.

Ta-da! The falls!

Starting soon, I’m going to be picking a few hikes here and there from my copy of Ohio – Off the Beaten Path! They were kind enough to send over a copy for me to read over and review, and I really would love to get some hikes in and see what I have been missing. They have a small portion on Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but I’m going to be spending days here and there on upcoming weekends exploring a little more. I’m excited to share some more hikes with you all!

A very rare blog selfie.

Also, on another note, my mother and her friend Laurie have also started on their blogging journey over on their blog A Life in Focus! I am super excited to see where the journey takes them as friends. If you’re into photography and more family focused content, they are definitely a blog to keep an eye on in the upcoming months!

Do you have any hikes that you love in your area or community? I am excited to share more of my home state with you all – more to come very soon!


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  1. That looks like a really beautiful place and I bet it gets very busy in summer. We live in the middle of a city but I’d love to get out and about more.

  2. I love exploring my local area in this way too. Ohio looks beautiful off the beaten track. What a lovely blog series to create.

  3. Ohio seems to be such a pretty place! I’ve never been but this post shows such a gorgeous place, with the hiking trail and all.

  4. This place looks great for natural escape! Fantastic location. I cant wait to hit the woods for myself

  5. Both of our neighbors were from Ohio. I’ve heard it’s a great place to live and visit. We will have to visit one day.

  6. Loved reading it. Lived in Ohio for sometime but never heard of it. I love your quest of exploring the state.

  7. What a beautiful trail! It’s so great to discover your own surroundings…sometimes you don’t need to travel far to find beauty in the world.

  8. i would loved to read more about Ohio, I feel like it is a forgotten state! Thanks for this tip

  9. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania but never had a chance to visit Ohio! Looks like a great place to visit in the fall!

  10. I love a good hike from time to time! Getting out into nature and exploring a little, is always intriguing!

  11. Blue Hen Falls looks like a great place to visit. I love the idea of the Explore Ohio series, can’t wait to read more.

  12. ive never been to Ohio yet. I think ill grab a copy of this before i travel there. thanks for the heads up!

  13. This trail looks like a lit of fun! I will have to scope this out the next time I am in the area!

  14. I love exploring new places. This one sounds like a fun one to check out.

  15. What a fun and great experience you had. The place is such a great spot. I want to try this too! It would be one of the best experience for me if ever.

  16. Oh wow! I’m not sure I could ever leave that place. it is absolutely one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever seen.

  17. I love getting outdoors in places like this. It looks like it would be so gorgeous and relaxing at the same time.

  18. You look quite the explorer and we love going on walks in the forests here in the UK. This sounds like a great trail x

  19. Nnice representation of Ohio! Its great that you had a nice experience connecting you to where you are from!

  20. I would love to visit Ohio. Thanks for sharing your cheery moments.

  21. I have never been to Ohio but I do know quite a few people who live there. Thank you for sharing your fav. spots.

  22. I love exploring where I live, it is nice to find some real gems on the doorstep

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