Finally Goodnight! Better Sleep is Within Reach!

We all know I’m a massively anxious person. That’s no where near a secret at this point. I run on nervous energy and somehow manage to survive. A few years back, I found myself living with next to no sleep. I was okay for a little, and then my health fell through the floor. It took this all happening to realize that I needed better sleep. Who would have known. People aren’t meant to run on 2 hours of sleep a night!

To everyone around me, this was painfully obvious, but sleep was eluding me, which probably helped in making me think that this was a normal and okay way to live. Cover up the dark circles with a heavy concealer and dealt with it.

After a couple months of wresting with my routine, I found the things that WORKED to get me to actually sleep. Then I saw that it is so common to struggle with sleep because of stress, work, or anything else. So, I figured I would share my tips and tricks, products that help, and my opinions.

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Products for Better Sleep

The first step to getting that much needed rest is blocking out the light that might be disrupting your sleep schedule. You can block out the light as best as you can, but I prefer a sleep mask to help truly block out the light. You can check out this travel sleep mask as well!

Better Sleep

I received these two masks at a discount in exchange for my review! I totally recommend these to help you get those extra zzz’s! They’re both silk, so they’re soft against your skin and cool to the touch. I wish they came in more colors though, because I would love a bright pink or pastel purple one for my bedside stand!

Another thing that I live for when trying to sleep is some white noise. White noise comes in a wide variety, and helps to relax you while you’re getting to sleep. That being said, having a speaker to play it through makes it more comfortable than sleeping with headphones in. Plus, if you sleep with a partner, they may also like the white noise too! I find it super relaxing personally, and love it, especially when I travel.

Ancord has been super sweet in sending me one their speakers to try! I have used ancord’s speakers for the last few months and have been blown away by the quality that you get for the tiny price.

This orange speaker is perfect for white noise, then tossing in your bag and using all day long. It’s waterproof, so you can take it to the pool or on a bike ride with you! There is a strap attached so you can hang it anywhere. Like I said, the sound is pretty amazing for what you pay.

Another speaker I love is also from Ancord! This tiny gold speaker is perfect for travel, and would be so helpful for white noise in a hotel room. Sleep gets so difficult when you travel, and this can help to drown out all those strange sounds. 

Aromatherapy is another way to get some extra relaxation in and help you sleep more soundly. Specifically, lavender is a scent that helps so many people get to sleep!

I use an aromatherapy spray on my pillow and sheets before settling in. This spray on amazon has great reviews and would be perfect for cuddling in at night. A few spritz here and there, and you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to get some much needed rest.

Tips & Tricks for Better Sleep

As painful as it may be, parting with your phone a bit before sleep is a great way to settle. The blue light that your phone gives off helps to KEEP you awake, even when you want to sleep!

Also, a great weighted blanket makes a WORLD of difference. The weight on your body helps you to relax and feel more secure (just like a hug!). There are loads of shops on etsy that sell customized blankets just for your height and weight. I would HIGHLY suggest checking them out and supporting a small business in the mean time!

You can also try guided meditation before sleep. My sister is obsessed with guided meditation and there are tons of apps to help you meditate. Headspace is a big favorite!

Do you have any tricks to help your sleep? Share in the comments below!



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  1. Love the mediation before sleep idea! I also am looking into trying out a Gravity Blanket!

  2. Really great tips. I make sure to have my room cold and dark so I can get the best sleep.

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