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Step Up Your Beauty Routine – 3 Easy Switches to Make Life Better

Change is good. While sometimes, it might make people on the uneasy side, making changes in your life can be refreshing and much needed. For me, a great place to make changes is in my beauty routine. I’ve built up a small arsenal of beauty products to keep in rotation, but for some people, they may only have the bare minimum. That being said, beauty is intensely personal, so bare minimum might be all you want!

Little changes here and there can make a MASSIVE difference in your routines and how you feel. Beauty is different for everyone. Some people may like makeup, styling hair, or none at all. Everyone’s experience is totally different and thats perfect. It would be super boring if everyone felt the same!

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Bring in light!


Getting up early is bad enough, but if you don’t have a place to do your makeup, that makes it even worse. For me personally, I wouldn’t be into beauty as much as I am now if I didn’t find it to be enjoyable. My routine totally changed when I started using a backlit mirror similar to this one that helped me to see what I was actually doing to my face. Seriously, I’m nearly blind with how bad my eyesight is and having a good mirror makes an entire world of difference.

Put down the hand mirror already and get yourself one with lights! A big thank you to Mirrormore for sending this new mirror my way at a super discount! I appreciate the generosity (and my face thanks you!).


Find time for you!


Among other things, it’s always important to schedule out some me time in your schedule. Find some ounce of time to do the things that you love, and you’ll feel better just about instantly. I love to write, so pretty much on a nightly basis I sit down with my laptop and work here or on my social channels. On a more relaxing note, I die for just about any sort of bath products (I’m a bath FIEND) and so the uptick in the bath bomb trend was a holy grail of moments for me.

When Tronco reached out and wanted to send me some bath bombs to try for free, of course I was in. Who turns down a good bath bomb? Certainly not me. You can find Tronco bath bombs here ! They come in super pretty packaging perfect for gifts, and with grad party season coming, they would make for a super cute gift!


Invest in brushes


Again, another love in my life is my makeup brushes. If you know me personally, it’s pretty likely you’ve heard me rant and rave about brushes in one way or another. Good brushes can change up your entire beauty routine and they don’t have to be expensive. I love these brushes with glitter in the handles. I am a sucker for glitter, so having brushes that glittered and were easy to clean were an obvious choice for me.

Obviously, if you have the cash, you can always invest in luxury brushes if you wanted. I have a few, and while those are totally my babies, having some low cost guys to add to the mix helps to keep your worry low if you travel often or wear a full face on the daily. I haven’t had any issues washing my budget brushes, and they are still like new even after using them for a couple years!

Do you have a beauty routine that you hold near and dear? Tips and tricks to make it a little easier to get ready? Share in the comments below, I always need new tricks to speed up my mornings!

Happy Monday!


Beauty Routine


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  1. I can use all the beauty tips I can get! I actually have the same mirror!

  2. Revamping my beauty routine always makes me feel a little more fresh, I love the idea of fresh brushes!

  3. Good brushes are the best investment for my make up routine. I can never go back to the little foam brushes.

  4. the tip about light is so true! I think we need to replace the bulbs in our bathroom! 😀

  5. I always looking for the tips for making a fresh looking make up, my mom has the same mirror too, she love it a lot!

  6. I do have a normal routine when it comes to my beauty. I follow it to a T every time because I know the time.

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