Return to Basin White – Luxury Shopping at Disney’s Grand Floridian

Ah, Basin White. One of my favorite little spots in the entire Walt Disney World Resort. I am always down for a trip to the Grand Floridian to try out all of their scrubs, soaps, and bath products. In the past (on a now long gone blog) I shared my trip and they even reached out and sent me some treats! Since then, I’ve certainly learned a bunch about writing, and decided that I would love to do a little do over of that post. Hence, return to Basin White.

Where Can I Find Basin White?

As a frequent Disney visitor, I’ve learned a fair amount about cute little spots to hang out at or visit. I love getting to see all the resorts that are along the monorail, but the Grand Floridian is certainly the best along the route.

The hotel itself is gorgeous, has an amazing quick service if you need a quick bite, and has tons of comfy couches on to crash after a long day hiking around the parks. However, my absolute favorite part of the Grand is Basin White.

Basin White is a little shop on the second floor that is immediately to your left when entering the building from the monorail. It has an adorable windowed facade that matches the hotel itself, and is stocked full of tons of bath bombs, shower bars, and super lovely cast members.


Seriously, its the most lovely little shop.

My mother and I like to go and try the scrubs, then follow up with the matching lotion. My personal favorite is anything in the Lemon Sugar scent (delicious!). They pretty much have anything you could possibly need bath wise while in Disney, plus more.

This trip, I picked up a tub of Lemon Sugar Body Butter, a spearmint scented lip balm, and a bar of soap with a rainbow that they had special for pride month. It always feels like a super special treat getting to shop around and see what new things I want to try on my trips.

So, What Can I Get at Basin White Exactly?

Basin White offers pretty much anything you could ever need for a comfy, lovely bath. They have bath bombs, salts, scrubs, shampoo bars, and more. They even have ready made gift baskets for you to take with you! All of their products are online so you can check them out here. My one bit of advice would be to make sure that you keep your goodies in a checked bag instead of your carry on. Some of the items exceed the maximum amount of liquid that you can have in a bag, and you don’t want to have to throw it away! This stuff is so luxe and you’re going to seriously fall in love, just like I have.

What is in Basin White’s Products?

You can shop with a clear mind because all of Basin’s products are cruelty free! Products are also free of any alcohols, mineral oils, or parabens, and are made in the United States! To me, that a win-win! Ethically sourced and produced products are super important, so I am so happy that one of my favorite brands shares the same views.

Have you ever visited a Basin White or Basin location? What’s your favorite way kind of bath products to relax with? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Honestly, I had NO idea about Basin White let alone they are within or by Disney. You surely have given me something to learn more about and explore ASAP. Thanks Heaps from Australia Emily!

  2. This place seems very very similar to Lush Cosmetics, which I absolutely love! I’ve never been to Disney, but I do have family in Florida (a few hours from Disney) and would love to go someday. This will definitely be a stop along the way!

  3. Looks similar to lush and other Lush-y places. I hope it smells better than Lush inside!

  4. I’ve never heard of this shop before and unfortunately I can’t check it out in Poland. However, if I ever visit Disneyland, I’ll certainly check their offer, as I love everything that helps me relax a little bit.

  5. I love the look of the store. So classy and full of color.

  6. I went to WDW for the first time this year and it was awesome. Kinda sad i didnt make my way to the grand floridian now.

  7. Oh my gosh I want to go there!! It looks amazing!

  8. This looks like a great, peaceful shop in the middle of all the crazy chaos of Disney. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love how they have gift baskets! Looks like such a cute shop!


  10. So cool! I never heard of this and I’m so excited to try it out! Those bath bombs are heavenly!

  11. This store looks so adorable and like one I would totally visit! We’re going to Disney in Nov!!

  12. Literally reminds me of a Lush! And I love Lush – but I love disney more!!!

  13. That store looks like it would smell so good. My favorite bath product to relax is a nice smelling body wash.

  14. I Love this Disney hotel. Their Christmas displays are the best. The gingerbread house is spectacular

  15. I never knew Disney had a store for bath essentials! They really have it all; I need to book a visit soon!

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