Apartment Essentials – Touches to Make Your Space Truly Yours!

After a year of living in my school apartment, I would consider myself a connoisseur of sorts of home decor (big joke there!). However, I DID get a handle on the things that made my apartment feel more like my space. Therefore, MY apartment essentials. And trust me, they’re probably not the same as everyones. My personal style is some sort of mix of strange, retro, pink, and cute. It makes no sense, but that’s what makes the space my own.

In honor of moving back to my little corner of the world next month, I wanted to share my apartment essentials that help to make my space my own. These are little pieces that won’t break a budget, but do bring a little personality to a space. I live in an apartment that I can’t paint, so style has to come from other places!

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Living Space Apartment Essentials

Ah, my living space. My theme for my living space last year was video games and super heroes, but these little choices helped to bring my space back to normal so I didn’t seem like a totally strange person. Not sure how much it worked (lol!), but the space really was what I wanted it to be.
First thing a space needs is a good rug if you don’t have carpeting. Even if you do, a fluffy rug can help to make the space more comfortable and warm. I love my little carpets because I have linoleum flooring, which gets chilly during the winter. Plus, you can get carpets in fun colors and prints, which helps you to personalize your space more, especially when you can’t paint.

Next, you need lighting! I love “fairy lights” or string lights to help bring some soft light in. My apartment has lighting already, but it can be a bit dark once the sun goes down. I run mine along the the wall near the ceiling, and plug them in once I’m settling in for the night.

The next item is an adorable moon lamp! I was lucky enough to receive this guy at a discount for my review, but seriously, its so cute! I love all the tiny details, the fact that it lights up different colors, and is just a very sweet touch to add to a room. For me, extra light is everything, especially when you live in a space as dim as mine.

The lamp gives off a gentle glow, which would go perfectly with some string lights. While it isn’t strong enough to light up an entire space, it would also be great as a nightlight for a child or a cute conversation piece for a living space. Mine will take its place of honor right next to my bed.

Kitchen Apartment Essentials

Having my own kitchen and place to cook at school, finally, is such a treat. I lived for two years at school on dining plans, and now getting to grocery shop and cook my own meals is perfection.
I have to say, I love my pyrex more than anything. Storing food in glass is so much healthier than plastic, easier to clean, and can help you cut down on waste! I like to use these in my lunch box to substitute for plastic bags, since they are single use and then thrown away. They’re good for literally everything, and, super affordable. If you take good care of them, they’ll last pretty much forever too!

An awesome blender is the best addition! A good blender makes for yummy breakfasts, snacks, and more! I make tons of smoothies in mine, which is a great way to get in your fruits and veg in a flash! Cut up your fruit ahead of time, freeze in individual bags, and just grab one when you feel like having a smoothie! Frozen fruit is also inexpensive in my area, so you can try out different ready made blends!

This is the #1 lifesaver that I had in my apartment. Getting an electric grill helps me to make so many healthy meals with quick clean up. Plus, you can make ahead grilled chicken or other meat ahead of time, and just warm up the next day for a simple and easy meal! I love anything that makes my life easier, so this is a no brainer.

Bathroom Apartment Essentials

Finally, my own bathroom! Sharing a bathroom with tons of strangers and other students is DIFFICULT, but now that I have my own space, I can decorate to my hearts content.

I have this cute shower curtain, and it helps dress up the space so much! A curtain is an easy way to bring your personality to a bathroom, even if you can’t paint! They come in all colors, patterns, pretty much whatever you want.

No boring soap dispensers allowed! There are tons of dispensers to match any color palette or design! I love this cute cute strawberry one, because its just so sweet. Plus, you can fill them with whatever soap you like!

Do you have anything that is an essential for your living space? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sunday!



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  1. I love that moon lamp so much. That would look so great in my living room or my bedroom.

  2. I think carpets and throw rugs are a great idea for an apartment with hard floors. They keep your feet warm and reduce the sound (both the echo on your room and the noise to the apartment down below). I also like the idea of fairy or string lights. They would make the apartment fun.

  3. These are all absolutely fabulous ideas for a new apartment! Sharing this with my oldest son who just recently moved into his own place!

  4. I LIVE for fairy lights or string lights. I leave them up all year round. I totally agree with the Nutribullet too. I have a blender and use it EVERY DAY. It is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance

  5. I’ve never seen a moon lamp before, it looks so cool! Totally agree with you about the importance of a good blender. I use my Ninja on the DAILY! Love your essentials list!

  6. I love the fairy lights! They really came make a place feel more homely! That soap dispenser is adorable too! I have never seen a moon lamp before and I love the fact it turns different colours!

  7. Awesome! Love the moon lamp and a fluffy area rug is always a must! =)

  8. That Ninja is a really nice option. Everyone who has one always says great things about it.

  9. Your list of essential is so curious! because I don’t own any of them and I’ve been living in an apartment for 15 years!

  10. This is such a great post, I got a lot of great tips on decor. I really love the fairy lights and also the moon lamp!

  11. I’ve always wanted to experience what it will be like living by myself, but the living expenses would be high, hence I never got to do it. Some day I will, and I hope I will enjoy it!

  12. These are fabulous choices and selections. For me a must have is a stunning 3d art in the living room that is.. I just love that sense of intrigue

  13. Great essentials, a little personal touches here and there makes the place more warm and comfortable for the personal needs. The string lights look so amazing, I need to check them for my workroom.

  14. Fairy lights are such a good option! I had star lights in my first apartment!

  15. I’ve always loved the ideas of using lights as personal touches and decorations rather than simply things to light the space. I love your suggestions 🙂

  16. Great ideas. I really like that moon lamp. It would be cool in my classroom. I also like the rug but had to get rid of mine when my puppy had too many accidents. Maybe I’ll get another one some day.

  17. I love the concept of adding fairy lights and carpet to my living room and bedroom.

  18. Awesome ideas. Some I have never thought about it myself. looking forward to trying them out. Keep sharing, love your posts.

  19. I agree with rugs! I always anchor my furniture with a rug and it transforms a room so quickly! That, and curtains. A good window dressing completes a room in my opinion, and if hung correctly can create the illusion of a larger space, or higher ceilings! Plus they are so affordable through Amazon or Target so I never skip the windows 🙂


  20. I really loved that moon lamp and fairy lights! It enhances the entire decor of the apartment!

  21. I feel like this is needed because when I was in college living there I didn’t know what really to buy or get. It’s fun to find your own style during these independent years. And I still a fan of the string lighting always a cool element!!

  22. The ideas are simply awesome and the recommended products are lovable. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I also bought these fairy lights before Christmas and have loved them ever since. They give the room such a nice atmosphere!

  24. I definitely agree with most of these! I think a great rug and great lighting makes all the difference in any space!

  25. Great essential items, totally agree with most of them! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. This would be great for collage students as well! The moon lamp is so unique! I love it!

  27. Such a great list! I totally agree that a rug can completely transform a space!

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